2000 Years Of Radio

Comedy series written and performed by Marcus Brigstocke, Claire Downes, Stuart Lane, Al Holloway, Danny Robbins and Dan Tetsell, taking a look at radio as broadcast throughout history.

:: Series 1

This series was originally broadcast on Radio 4 in the late night comedy slot (11.00pm), Wednesdays.

Tx. dateBBC7 Rpt. dateTitleDetails
18.10.0017.2.03 Roman Britain RadioIt's 55AD and DJ Steve-in-the-Afternoon fights Roman plans to change the nation's favourite radio station.
25.10.0018.2.03Dark Age FMIt is 500AD, history's most miserable period. Britain is being invaded twice a week and a bloke called Arthur is running the country, but at least there's always Steve in the Afternoon to count the Britons down to the end of the world.
1.11.0019.2.03Radio Crusade Roadshow Join DJ Steve in the Afternoon on his AD1200 Christian Crusade Roadshow, as he gathers up an army of children and the plague-ridden to find salvation and a sun tan in the Holy Land.
8.11.0020.2.03Headless - Civil War RadioTune in to Britain's darkest hour: the English Civil War, AD 1645, revealed as a silly mix-up with DJ Steve-in-the-Afternoon and King Charles I.
15.11.0021.2.03Mad - Georgian RadioIt's the Age of Enlightenment and Britain is going Enlightenment crazy.
22.11.0023.6.03Steaming - Radio VictorianaMeet other dandies on the Dandy-Line, early Victorian ankle-pornography is exposed, and science is praised for inventing a gun that only works on non-Englishmen.

:: Series 2

This series was originally broadcast on Radio 4 in the late night comedy slot (11.00pm), Wednesdays.

Tx. dateTitleDetails
18.9.02Radio MustardThe horror, carnage and laughter of the First World War.
25.9.02Beagle FMDJ Suzanne Canker joins Charlie Darwin on his scientifical journey into monkey-nonsense.
2.10.02Tempest FMAs the nation mourns the death of William Shakespeare, the grieving widow Anne Hathaway is annoyed by a DJ.
9.10.02Greensleeves FMHenry VIII is getting married far too often for the taste of Catholic station Sanctus FM.
16.10.02Sherwood FMIt is the year 1206, and DJ Suzanne Canker has fallen for new hero on the block Robin the Hood.
23.10.02Olympia FMIt is the year 776 BC, and DJ Suzanne Canker is in Greekland for the first Olympic Games.