The Alan Davies Show

Alan is a struggling actor trying to cope with life in the '90s - the friends, the work, the romance... Starring Alan Davies, Alan Francis and Ronnie Ancona play his long-suffering friends Murray and Kate as they all try to sort out that week's dilemma. Others appearing in the series were Kevin ELdon, Dave Lamb, Caroline Loncq, Alastair McGowan, Debra Stephenson, and Kim Wall, and the series was written by Tony Roche, Ben Stilburn and Alan Davies, and directed by Jane Berthoud. All were recorded at Broadcasting House.

There was only one series, originally broadcast on Radio 4 of a Wednesday evening at 6.30. This was followed by the start of a repeat season at 11.00pm on Tuesdays nearly a year later, with a 6 month gap between episode 1 and 2, and it returning on a Thursday evening at 11.00pm! Four episodes have been issued on cassette by BBC Worldwide - my introduction to the series.

Tx. dateRpt. dateDetails
3.6.9816.9.99Mr Strawberry
10.6.9823.9.99All You Can Eat