We were first introducted to Dennis, Neville and Oz, way back in 1983 when they were catching the ferry to start work in Germany. Although Dennis was going through a divorce, he had worked in Germany before and was seen as the anchor for the rest of the lads. Neville was slightly immature and who missed his missus, whilst Oz was the loud lunatic who went out of his way to make life difficult for non-British people. Soon the huts was filled with other Brits, Bomber was the gentle giant with an eye for young women, Wayne the charming cockney with an eye for nearly all women, and Barry the wet behind the ears biker, and Moxey an arsonist from Kirby.

EpisodeB/cast dateSynopsis
If I Were A Carpenter11.11.83 Neville, a brickie, must pose as a chippie to get the job in Germany and not split up the boys, but a drunken night on the town ensures he won't be going home for a while.
Who Won The War Anyway? 18.11.83 Neville turns out to be hopeless at carpentry and gets the sack, but unexpectedly redeems himself. Meanwhile Oz is more interested in starting WWIII when the Brits play the Germans at darts, after all "They’re the bastards who bombed me granny!"
The Girls They Left Behind. 25.11.83 Oz's wife contacts Dennis' wife in a desperate bid to find him and get more money off him. After a football match, Oz accidentally finds himsefl back in England and the lads, thinking they have seen the last of him, auction his stuff and send the money to his flat.
Suspicion.2.12.83 When property starts to go missing from the hut, accusations start to fly, and all sorts of schemes are thought of to catch the culprit.
Home thoughts from abroad.9.12.83 When Bomber learns that his daughter has run away from home, the lads rally round, but just as he gets back to Bristol, she turns up on the site. Now the lads have to keep her a secret from the Germans until Bomber gets back.
The Accused.16.12.83 Oz manages to upset the Germans so much, they will not speak to any of the English workers and, to make matters worse, Neville is accused of assaulting a German girl. It takes more than the lads to get him out of trouble, and Helmut and some of the German workers, are the ones who track down the real culprits and turn them in to the police.
Private Lives.30.12.83All Dennis wants is to spend some time with his new girlfriend Dagmar, the site secretary, and keep it from the rest of the lads, but Oz's practical joke on Wayne and Barry wrecks any chance of that.
The Fugitive.6.1.84The lads meet a mysterious stranger when they go on a fishing trip in the country, and he ends up coming back tot he hut with them. When they find his military identity card on the huts floor, they realise he has gone AWOL and try to persuade him to turn himself in.
The Alien.13.1.84McGowan is an unwelcome guest in the hut, and with Bomber away, they cannot remove him by force. So how are they going to rid themselves of him for good?
Last Rites.20.1.84 The death of a brief accquaintance of Dennis and Neville gives Oz the perfect smuggling method to start importing pornographic videos to England.
The Lovers.27.1.84 Barry persuades the lads that the hut is in need of sprucing up, which means pinching paint from the site, but Oz is more interested in a German girl he has me, but when he says he is the son of a business tycoon, he is not the only one who is less than generous with the truth.
Love And Other Four Letter Words.3.2.84When Vera, Dennis' soon to be ex-wife, comes to Germany, she tells Dennis she wants him back. With his kids back home to consider, how on Earth can Dennis choose between Vera and Dagmar? Meanwhile Wayne admits to Dennis that he is feeling the real thing for site secretarial assistant Christa.
When The Boat Goes Out.10.2.84 The German Government spoils the fun and starts to tax immigrant workers, so it is back to Blighty for some of the lads, but which ones?