Babblewick Hall

A radio sticom set in the 18th Century based around a Master, Fenton Babblewick, and his servant. There were two series, both written by Scott Cherry, and a total of 10 episodes.

:: Series 1

6 editions originally broadcast on a Wednesday afternoon (12.30pm) with a repeat at 11.30pm a few months later. The show starred Nicholas L Prevost with Forbes Masson, David Antrobus, Sam Kelly, Gillian Bevan, Benjamin Whitrow, Anna Cropper and Courtney King.

Tx. dateRpt. dateDetails
27.12.956.5.96When idealistic Fenton Babblewick inherits his uncle's Yorkshire estate, it is the perfect opportunity to realise his utopian dreams. But for his manservant Augustus Snipe, the move to Babblewick Hall is a nightmare - the place is cold, full of farm animals, and worst of all `it's in the north', a lifetime away from the comforts of London.
3.1.9613.5.96 Having foiled his servant's attempts to get him back to London, Fenton Babblewick sets about establishing his reputation as a great agricultural reformer - with a radical proposal for the growing of the humble beetroot.
10.1.9620.5.96After a sermon from Parson Flinch on the dangers of worldly lusts, Fenton Babblewick is smitten by the exquisite charms of Miss Lucinda Bluntstone. But before any progress can be made, Fenton must satisfy certain condictions set by Lucinda's formidable mother.
17.1.9627.5.96With a general election on the horizon, Fenton Babblewick has the chance to represent his constituents in Parliament, as Babblewicks have been doing for centuries. Only the rakish Thomas Berridge stands between Fenton and a glamorous career in politics.
24.1.963.6.96A future as a distinguished parliamentarian summons Fenton to London, but as he polishes his maiden speech, he is unaware of the tortuous journey that lies ahead. Is this the moment Augustus has been waiting for?
31.1.9610.6.96Fenton's father arrives with plans for his wayward son - not least that he should marry the insipid and bewhiskered Harriet. Meanwhile, Augustus makes a dramatic discovery.

:: Series 2

The second series was broadcast of a Friday at 11.30am on R4 and consisted of 4 episodes. With Nicholas Le Prevost, Forbes Masson, Dave Hill, Maggie McCarthy, and Lynda Baron.

Tx. dateRpt. dateDetails
4.9.98Squire Fenton Babblewick is convinced that he is a composer of genius. His servants are less sure.
11.9.98Squire Babblewick is determined to buy a workhouse. Will he succeed in making it into a school, or just himself into a fool?
18.9.98A witch is abroad in the village. Squire Babblewick investigates.
25.9.98Lady Keene knows that Fenton Babblewick wants something from her - but is it her hand in marriage or her cruelly enslaved pet marmoset, Ponto?