The Brittas Empire

This series starred Chris Barrie as the newly appointed manager of Whitby Newtown Leisure Centre, a man with ideals, but a talent for total chaos.

Joining Barrie is a fantastic cast headed by Philippa Haywood, who plays Brittas' long suffering wife, Helen, Julia St John as the deputy manager and brains behind the operation, Laura Lancing, and Harriet Thorpe as the unlucky receptionist Carole Parkinson. Others in the cast include Judy Flynn as Brittas' bossy secretary, Tim Marriot, Russell Porter, and Jill Greenacre as the centre's professional staff, and Michael Burns as Colin, Deputy Manager (Wet), and fountain of dubious knowledge on herbal remedies. In total there were 53 episodes over 7 series, with a couple of short specials, all broadcast on BBC1.

SERIES 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

Series One.

The first series was broadcast between 3rd Jan and 14th Feb 1991 and consisted of 6 episodes. The titles given are either the official titles, or where these were not avialable, the title given by Euraka Video on the DVD releases.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
Laying The Foundations3.1.91
Opening Ceremony10.1.91
Not Coming To Work17.1.91
You'd Like to Work Here24.1.91
Closed Again7.2.91
Puzzling Figures14.2.91

Series Two.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
Back From The Dead2.1.92
Temple of the Body9.1.92
An Inspector Calls16.1.92
Set In Concrete23.1.92
Mums and Dads30.1.92
Safety First13.2.92
New Generation20.2.92

Series Three.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
The Trial7.1.93
That Creeping Feeling14.1.93
Laura's Leaving21.1.93
Two Little Boys28.1.93
Sex, Lies and Red Tape4.2.93
The Stuff of Dreams11.2.93

Series Four.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
Not A Good Day10.1.94
The Christening17.1.94
Biggles Tells A Lie24.1.94
Mr Brittas Changes Trains31.1.94
Playing With Fire7.2.94
Shall We Dance?14.2.94
The Chop28.2.94
High Noon7.3.94

Series Five.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
The Old, Old Story31.10.94
Blind Devotion7.11.94
Brussels Calling14.11.94
The Lies Have It21.11.94
The Boss28.11.94
The Last Day19.12.94
In the Beginning27.12.94Christmas Special

Series Six.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
Back With A Bang27.2.96
Body Language12.3.96
At The Double26.3.96
A Walk On The Wildside2.4.96
We All Fall Down9.4.96
Mr Brittas Falls in Love16.4.96
Snap Happy23.4.96
Surviving Christmas24.12.96Christmas Special

Series Seven.

Episode TitleTx. DateNotes
The Elephant's Child6.1.97
Reviewing The Situation13.1.97
Wake Up The Lion Within27.1.97
The Disappearing Act3.2.97
Gavin Featherly RIP10.2.97
Curse Of The Tiger Women24.2.97