Frank Dickins' classic six-part cartoon strip features Chester-Perry's troublesome buying clerk and those who serve alongside him as small cogs in a gigantic wheel. With Michael Williams, Rodney Bewes, Dora Bryan and Owen Brenman, the series was directed Neil Cargill.

SERIES 1 | 2 | 3

:: Series 1

Broadcast in the mid-morning comedy slot on Radio 4 (11.30am), the series was repeated later in the year in the early evening comedy slot (6.30pm).

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsis
Fair Shares21.4.996.10.99
Follow That Star28.4.9913.10.99A food inspector is smuggled into chef Gordon Blue's canteen.
The Girl Next Door5.5.9920.10.99The view from the office window is distracting.
Sun, Sea and Sabotage12.5.9927.10.99Bristow needs a break, so he plans someone else's holiday
Stranger on a Train19.5.993.11.99Bristow helps Jones plan his escape.
The Great Escape26.5.9910.11.99Bristow has the holiday of a lifetime - in Mudsea.

:: Series 2

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsis
When Melancholy Autumn Comes to Chester-Perry24.11.99The promise of a Christmas bonus lifts Bristow's spirits. For once his generosity knows no bounds.
The Power of the Press1.12.99Bristow's crusade for better conditions for cleaning ladies bites the dust.
Mr Bristow Regrets8.12.99The Chester-Perry dinner dance is out of bounds to Bristow - until he falls in with Tom Paine, troublemaker.
The Girl in the Yellow Overcoat15.12.99It is the office party, and Jones thinks all his Christmases have come at once.

:: Series 3

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsis
Of Moles and Men7.7.0021.2.01 The office rebel returns with inside information which must surely lead to promotion.
The Good, the Bad and the Temporary14.7.0028.2.01There is a new girl in town, and Bristow knows his office is not big enough for the two of them.
Chapter and Verse21. writing for the house journal, Bristow discovers the meaning of poetic justice.
Repaying Mr Piper28.7.0014.3.01Bristow has a theory about why he is surrounded by incompetents.