Series One

LessonTransmittedEpisode Title
1 27/8/76 Peel Bananas The Burkiss Way
2 3/9/76 Pass Examinations The Burkiss Way
3 10/9/76 The Burkiss Special With James Burkiss
4 17/9/76 Solve Murders The Burkiss Way
5 24/9/76 Keep Unfit The Burkiss Way
6 1/10/76 Win Awards The Burkiss Way

Series Two

LessonTransmittedEpisode Title
7 15/12/76 Influence Friends And Win People The Burkiss Way
8 22/12/76 Plan Christmas Schedules The Burkiss Way
9 29/12/76 Gain Spiritual Fulfilment The Burkiss Way
10 5/1/77 Govern Britain The Burkiss Way
11 12/1/77 Journey Into The Unknown The Burkiss Way
12 19/1/77 Make Short Comedy Programmes The Burkiss Way
13 26/1/77 Commemorate Jubilees The Burkiss Way
14 2/2/77 Do You Know What The Burkiss Way
15 9/2/77 Skive From School The Burkiss Way
16 16/2/77 Get Off With Life The Burkiss Way
17 23/2/77 This Is Your Life The Burkiss Way
18 2/3/77 Become a Rock Star The Burkiss Way
19 9/3/77 Replace The Burkiss Way

Series Three

LessonTransmittedEpisode Title
20 15/11/77 Discover Gravity The Burkiss Way
21 22/11/77 Get Cut Off The Bur......
22 29/11/77 Succeed In Business The Burkiss Way
23 6/12/77 Son Of The Burkiss Way
24 13/12/77 One Hour To The Burkiss Way
25 20/12/77Special Christmas Show - Not To Be Opened Until Christmas
26 27/12/77 First Prize The Burkiss Way
27 3/1/78 Around The World The Burkiss Way
28 10/1/78 Ignore These Program Titles The Burkiss Way
29 17/1/78 Complain About The Burkiss Way
30 24/1/78 Not The Burkiss Way
31 31/1/78 Bruce's Choice


32 31/1/78 Start New Series The Burkiss Way
33 7/2/78 The Last Burkiss Way
34 14/2/78 The Next To Last Burkiss way

Series Five

LessonTransmittedEpisode Title
35 2/4/79 Remember The Burkiss Way
36 9/4/79 Rise From The Grave The Burkiss Way
37 16/4/79 Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way (Part one)
38 23/4/79 Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way (Part two)
39A 30/4/79 Repeat Yourself The Burkiss Way
39B 7/5/79 Repeat Yourself The Burkiss Way
40 14/5/79 Avoid Like The Plague The Burkiss Way
41 26/12/79 Eric Pode Of Croydon's Easter Special

Series Six

42 11/10/80 The Man From The Burkiss Way
43 18/10/80 Sack The Burkiss Way
44 25/10/80 Love Big Brother The Burkiss Way
45 1/11/80 Write Extremely Long Titles The Burkiss Way
46 8/11/80 Settle Out Of Court The Burkiss Way
47 15/11/80 Wave Goodbye To CBEs The Burkiss Way

The cast included Denise Coffey (first series only), Jo Kendall (from series two), and Nigel Rees, Chris Emmett, and Fred Harris throughout the entire series.

The producers were, Simon Brett of Stepney (first two series), John Lloyd of Europe (third and fourth series), and David Hatch of the BBC (series five and six).

The scriptwriters were Andrew Marshall and David Renwick on all shows, John Mason for the first series, Colin Bostock Smith for show eight only, Douglas Adams (Shows 11, 14 and 18 only), John Lloyd (Show 18 only), Tom Magee Englefield and Liz Pollock (Show 16 only).

And last but not least, we have the guest artists. Tim Brook Taylor appeared in show 40, and Peter Jones in show 41.

Peel Bananas The Burkiss Way

Testimonials from satisfied customers / A description of the course / More satisfied customers / Peeling bananas conventionally and the Burkiss way / Wake up to Pooftah / In court accused of being Max Bygraves / New improved Doctors / Mr Victim is suffering from death / Recap / A listener phones / Harry Nelson and the kidnapped orchestra

Pass Examinations The Burkiss Way

Testimonial from satisfied customers / Applying for the course / The Aunty Game / Languages / Dr. Straightman joins the University of Barnsley / IQ test / Intermission - Noisy film goers / Driving test / The Burkiss way in action - Reggie Braithwaite, war hero / A phone call from Jim Callaghan

The Burkiss Special With James Burkiss

Testimonials from satisfied customers in prison / James Burkiss starts the show - Normality and abnormality / Prison sentences / Olga Boot tells you how to get arrested / Burkiss elasticated stockings / Escaping / Hobbies in prison / The year in sport -Olympic training for bars, tape measures and medals / What does 20 years in jail do to a man? / Public service announcement on behalf of burglars / Scraping the barrel / How to escape using a bacon slicer / The Count of Monte Cristo

Solve Murders The Burkiss Way

More testimonials from satisfied customers / The end of the show? / The show seems to have finished early / Murder on a train not nearly as famous as the Orient Express starring the New Faces Impressionist Squad / Coming soon to this cinema - Ron and Mable Throat of 19 Kettering Road / Murder continued / The plot breaks down / Weather forecast for the North Pole

Keep Unfit The Burkiss Way

Still more testimonials from satisfied customers / A message for people who haven't switched on yet / How to be unfit the Burkiss Way / The skeleton / Exercises to make you unfit / Olympic TV watching / Lose a pound a day the Shylock way / Trailer for the film version of the Cambridge Logarithms Tables / The Burkiss Massage Parlour / Burkiss high cholesterol diet / The punchline emergency service / Burkiss naughty underwear / Drinking / Dr Jekyll

Win Awards The Burkiss Way

Today in Parliament / Another load of testimonials from satisfied customers / The Burkiss entertainments awards show / All you have to do to win / Best TV link award - The pets of the stars arrive at the Albert Hall / The best door handle of 1976 / Advert for Whizzo watches / The best religious light entertainment show / Miss Cindy Redhead / The Scarlet Pimpernel / Awards for BBC Radio

Influence Friends And Win People The Burkiss Way

Testimonials from satisfied customers / Eric Pode says life can be pretty grim if you don't know how to live it properly / Eric Podes around the country / Eustace and the bully / How to apply for the Burkiss Way / How to succeed in business without really trying -The annual Board Meeting of the Whizzo Dead rat Company / A complaint about British Rail / How to influence friends / New from Burkiss Beauty Service / A short intermission - Danish Joint Auditor on the job / Ask the clever dicks / How to win people -Winning a cabinet minister / The story of Young Knickertwist Copperby

Plan Christmas Schedules The Burkiss Way

Does the team think / The BBC this Christmas / Decorating the show / Christmas on ITV / Parties / Royal children's Christmas morning hospital for the incurably heartwarming / A warning about the last item / The Queen's speech with a dreary old film / Is the Radio Times out of touch? / Buying a squid / A stiff called Ironside / A complaint about the course / A strange play / Newsflash / Celebrity Morons

Gain Spiritual Fulfilment The Burkiss Way

Newsflash about escaped pantomime / BBC laugh limit / In primeval days / Insurance against becoming Jewish / An apology for the last item / Healy Building Society / Carrying Uncle Silas down the aisle / Church collection / Installing a new Pope / A slight hitch / A call from the fairy godmother / Prince Charming issues some threats / Sodom and Gommorah / The Pantomime Gang / Nationwide - The Carol Singer Boys / Police 5 / The Pantomime Gang Vs. The Carol Singers cup-tie

Govern Britain The Burkiss Way

Things that go ... / Extract from announcements / A man who has never become an MP / Keep a pencil and paper handy / Tonight - The Prestwick bye election / The toad vote / Replacing the Cabinet with characters from the Beano / Sue Lawley visits the dry-cleaners / The Economy / A General election has been called / The election is won by the Liberals / The pun bill - Illicit joke peddling - The puns of Navarone

Journey Into The Unknown The Burkiss Way

Limpit's Hour / An apology for the loss of actors - The show continues with sound effects / What is it like to die / How to be reincarnated / Reincarnation interview / Burkiss horror films for the nervous / An expert on life after death / Eric Pode on levitation / Eric von Kontrik's book on the unknown - the aliens come for their cut / Other announcers / Orpheus and Eurydice Sproat / New Embarrassments

Make Short Comedy Programmes The Burkiss Way

A ticket to Istambul / Also in the new Radio Times / A few more details about the new Radio Times / The Lively arts / That's Life / Cricket / Film 77 / Top Of The Pops / The Money Programme / Tomorrows World / New words on page three /More words on page four / Record adverts / Film review with pimples / More pages / Radio Times binders / Glue It On hairpiece advert / Eurovision Raquel Welch gag contest / The Burkiss Way at last

Commemorate Jubilees The Burkiss Way

A warning for people of a jolly disposition / An apology for the warning / Tiny on the Bount / Announcement for the Jubilee Burkiss Way / The Poet Laureate / Intro speech / Three royal jokes / The Royal Jubilee Farce at the Whitehall Theatre / The lazy garage mechanic / Back at the Theatre / The East Catford Frank Spencer Impersonator Society perform The Bells of Saint Mary / The commentator breaks down / Old Grey Whistle Test / At the theatre again with Eric Pode / The Hound of the Baskervilles with Bill Shankley / Back at the theatre / Royal reprisal

Do You Know What The Burkiss Way

A sketch is due in Sawbridgeworth / A Book At Bedtime - Jude The Obscure by Thomas Hardy / A message for honeymoon couples / Embarrassment warning / The gnat watchers Society meeting / Hamlet adapted by the Times crossword compiler / A call from a man with half a well developed body / The announcers don't know what you know what is / Documentary addicts / A dentist appointment with Judge Jeffries / Back in Sawbridgeworth

Skive From School The Burkiss Way

The Burkiss Way has a cold / Edgar Lustgarden Annals of Scotland Yard / Bullstrode's exam results / Moses Minor visits the Headmaster / The plague of listeners complaints / An apology for irrelevant links / Booby trapping Mr Squelches study / Listeners complaints / The plague of typing mistakes / The plague of Biblical music / Eric Pode - Spare a sperm whale / Searching for the Ten Commandments at a jumble sale / Bringing the walls down with Groucho Marx / The Ten Commandments

Get Off With Life The Burkiss Way

Biggles in court / The Crown vs The Burkiss Way / The prosecution reads the charges / The defense pleads in grand opera / Charge one - The jocular signature tune / Charge two - Making a joke about Nicholas Parsons / Charge three - Inflicting laughter on the audience / Treasure Island dairy / A cow as a witness / The RAC production of Gone With The Wind / The straightman in court / Poking the audience in the eye with a pencil / Miss Old Baily 1977 / The verdict

This Is Your Life The Burkiss Way

This Is Your Life intro / The continuity announcer breaks the speed limit / Eamon Andrews pounces / The birth of The Burkiss Way / The earplug tester on the train / Eric Pode at Shepperton Film Studios / Advert for meths drinkers / The ingrowing toe-nail, The ignorant Doctor / Does The Team Think visits a hospital / A new applicant to the Legion of Superheroes

Become a Rock Star The Burkiss Way

Closing credits / Goodbye from Dene Martin / An apology as the show is running backwards / The kamikaze pilot / Hand logging a mammoth / Skiing holidays in Lowestoft / The Lowestoft-Dodge City exchange / A car prospector strikes it rich / Eric Pode is a showgirl / The Thicko Boys / The Burkiss Way again / An apology for the word botty / Gale warning warning

Replace The Burkiss Way

The Mongols From The Ministry / Patrick Moore's opinion on the last sketch / BBC audition for a Burkiss Way replacement / Just A Minute / Candid Cat with Quasimodo as an air hostess / The Non Deryck Guyler Half Hour / Cheap holidays / Eric Pode in Doctor No / Address to write to for tickets / Here it is again in case you missed it

Discover Gravity The Burkiss Way

Uncle Hitler plays the Laughing Continuity Announcer / Dr Magnus Pyke / The life of Sir Isaac Newton part 1, Newton tries on women's underwear / The Brains Trust / Mr. Simms visits the VAT inspector / Newton goes to school in a brothel / A change of sponsors / Newton again / Carry on Oedipus Rex / Another change of sponsors / Board meeting / Newton discovers gravity at last / Uncle Hitler again / No mention of Eric Pode

Get Cut Off The Bur......

Go to the lavatory / An apology to Dennis Healy / PM Reports - Was it Bill or was it Ben? /A faulty Burkiss Way causes a comedy leak in the studio / The Arabian Nights - The fisherman of Baghdad who finds a puce and orange elephants foot umbrella stand / Buying a magazine written by the BBC censors / The adventures of Sinbad / Ali Baba and the forty thieves with Eric Pode in the cave / The leak has been mended / Jeans advert / Next weeks show - A patient can't understand his doctor / The gospel according to the Ronettes / Arabian Nights again

Succeed In Business The Burkiss Way

Comedy Classics - It's That Script Again / Hitler complains about the last item / This weeks show has been dropped and broken / Little Women - The embroidered doily racket / The show has been reassembled in the wrong order / Brother Stalin kills the animals / Bury your head in the sand advert / The peeping Tom / Satan meets the local Council's Planning Committee / Pull down Eric Pode and build an intermission / The Loan Arranger / Ordering a meal in a hamburger bar / Long time pips

Son Of The Burkiss Way

What's my line / Film 77 - The BBC's first motion picture for radio / Interview with the director / The Royal Society For Quite Arbitrarily Sticking The Letters SPR Onto The Beginning Of Certain Words / Dubbing a radio sketch into rugby language / Special effects / Stiffco bread advert / Interview with the producer / Telegram scene / Eric Pode conducted by Andre Previn / The false ending studio / Pick Of The Week / False ending studio again

One Hour To The Burkiss Way

Experimental transmission of tridecimoseptophonic sound / A dummy version of the War of the Worlds / Vanessa Redgrave sketch / Interview with a Frenchman / Many people are still suffering from the first Burkiss Way / The Duchess of Duke Street / How does a humorous wireless show work / The Burkiss Research Plant / Splitting the Mersey sound / Emergency rewrite - Capturing Robin Hood / Underground joke tests / Dr. Crippen meets Eric Pode / People sawing their legs off / Biggles searches for the Bismark / The end of Radio 4 as we know it

Special Christmas Show - Not To Be Opened Until Christmas

The new longwave frequency / An apology for the last announcer / Eric Pode is wanted on set / Tales From The Script - Applying for the job of new Head Narrator / Queen Victoria writes to Marjorie Proops / Lord Tennison visits the Queen / Below stairs / The reading of Lord Hackingbottmos will / The cast lose control of the script / A visit to Nose City / An apology for an earlier announcement / Interviews for a new BBC announcement

First Prize The Burkiss Way

The Cheapo Quiz / The Dinosaur Cheese Interlude / Giant cockroach newsflash / Dinosaur Cheese Interlude again / Whizzo Holidays / Rocket to the moon / Small ads in Big Tentacles magazine / The anti cockroach squad pounces / Dinosaur Cheese Interlude again -Eric Pode is the booby prize / Confessions of a load of people who show off spherical bits of anatomy / The rare Latvian nonexistent cockroach / Dummy late motoring flash

Around The World The Burkiss Way

The music's the only good bit about it - Anna Karenina dramatised by Tubby The Tuba / Are You Being Funny / Very short books / The presenter blows his nose / The Charles Dickens version of Around The World In Eighty Minutes / St. Wets Academy for Young Gentlemen / Reading late editions of the Times / Coloured water and earlobes - under ear deodorant / Skating on the ice with Eric Pode

Ignore These Program Titles The Burkiss Way

The last of the present series of Dick Barton / A new series -Mick Barton / Door-handle of the day / History of the Emperor Napoleon / Waggoner's Walk / The lives of the great composers / Handel's Water Music / The King is not satisfied / Difficult time of the month / Pop singers are bad for your teeth / Giving newscasters their own shows - The Two Reggies / Eric Pode wins the competition / Another chance to hear the show

Complain About The Burkiss Way

Desert Island Wobblies - Ferdinand Boring / The Burkiss Way is taken off the air and replaced with a history of things through the ages through the ages / All you need is viewers / Settling pop contracts at parties / The Rod Earplug memorial song / The Ascent Of Man feature on Charles Darwin - Eric Pode is the missing link between man and Gnat / The Econimic trends of modern civilization / A listener complains about the letters BBC

Not The Burkiss Way

Time for Radio 4 to close down / Tonight with Doug Healthy / Dancing up Everest / BBC Radio token man with a sense of humour / Sex education film for rabbits / A listener complains / Interviews with a trimphone and a man who is falling to pieces / Advert for Old Stiff Embalming Fluid / A meeting of Cardinals to decide the doctrine of the Earths position in the Universe / Dancing Club for centipedes / World Of Sport / Rabbit breeding for beginners / Michael Parkinson meets Bugs Bunny

Bruce's Choice

Star Bores / The Burkiss Way can't be blacked out due to industrial action / Bruce Forsyth / Heaven - Mr. Deadby arrives late - Working hard at bliss / Bruce Forsyth again / Beat The Granny / Bruce's wife / Travel Agents with no sound effects / Radio 4 is just coming up to the 20th century / The thing that goes.....

Start New Series The Burkiss Way

The studio audience makes a guest appearance / Stiff Cola advert / A man feeling a bit plural / Ivan the Terrible comes to stay / News flash - British Rail pork pie / Embarrassment Of The Century with Eric Pode.

Note: Shows 31 and 32 were combined into one half hour show.

The Last Burkiss Way

The battle of the Little Big Horn / Talk Of The Town honours Ghengis Kahn - Crippen describes his early days / An apology for the loss of Jo Kendall / Buying a gramophone / Another apology for the loss of Jo Kendall / Changing clothes on a golf course / Go down under with Stiffco / Ghengis Khan on The Old Grey Whistle Test with a punk Eric Pode / Jo Kendall apologises for all the apologies / Avogadros Playhouse / Jo Kendall meets Ghengis Kahn / Jo Kendall is now appearing at .....

The Next To Last Burkiss way

Jo Kendall will be played by the rest of the cast / The story of Rip Van Winkle / Orson Wells Great Mysteries / Rewriting the Holy Bibley - The creation - Adam and Eve / First book of Doctors - Dr Batman and Robin / The neurotic version of the Roaring Twenties / Second book of Doctors - Underpants donor / Syrup on Sundays -Robin Hood / Eric Pode gets a happy ending

Remember The Burkiss Way

The Game Show Game - 321 wins a trophy for being the most complex game in Christendom / Knee a Building Society Manager in the groin and strike down an insurance salesman with an act of God / 321 again / The Blood Gushing All Over The Screen In Question - The development of nasty diseases / the fall of the Roman Empire / A listener complains / Rome again / 321 again with Eric Pode / Several dummy endings

Rise From The Grave The Burkiss Way

Scriptwriters Guide To The Galaxy / Hitchcock's Half Hour -Dracula / Burying live people / Wide screen film - Oedipus Rex / The Frogs by Aristophones aka The Muppet Show / Dracula again - At the Inn and the Castle / Maternity ward at a small London Hospital - Eric Pode causes a nasty shock

Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way? (Part one)

The Homecoming by Harold Pinta / An apology for the loss of budget / Things - a personal look at the history of mankind that's different from all the other ones / David Frost's Global Clipboard with the BBC listener / All Hymn Of The Masses Great And Small / David Frost again / The disinterested Doctor / Starsky and Hatch / Just A Minute / Adam, Eve and the apple salesman / Moses talks to God / David Frost with the Writers / Eric .....

Is Britain Going The Burkiss Way? (Part two)

....Pode in drag / Newsflash - Several spherical objects have been sighted over major European cities / Escape from Colditz / Two 19th century classical poetry associates / Disgusted Orson Wells -War Of The Worlds - The coming of the martians - Tomorrows World / Hampstead Heath / This show is a work of fiction / Government panic station / Orson Wells again / The martians left behind on Mars / An apology for earlier hoax announcements / There's nothing worth watching on BBC either - Punk rock bands and Mrs. Mary Controvercialshowpubliciser.

Repeat Yourself The Burkiss Way

Edward and Mr Simpson / The Hound of the Baskervilles - The Inspector reviews the case / Snow White and the man from the Independent Witching Authority - Mrs. Dwarfs calls / Dr. Mortimer visits Baskerville Hall / Henry Baskerville visits his solicitor / The Inspector sets up his operations room / An interview with Eric Pode / Sir Henry sets off for a fancy dress party dressed as a six foot can of Kennomeat

Repeat Yourself The Burkiss Way

Edward and Mr Simpson / The Hound of the Baskervilles / An apology for the massive cock-up / Tonights show has been incorrectly filed / The Eamonn Andrews Disaster / A request from Mrs. Whitehouse / Blankety Blank / Preparation for the Eamonn Andrews Disaster / Watson and Crick at the BBC / Eamonn Andrews meets Michael Parkinson and Eric Pode / Billy Bunter the Assistant Fat Owl of the Mathematics Department / Captain Bligh / The Zulu wars

Avoid Like The Plague The Burkiss Way

An old man meets death / The red death / Prince Prospero locks himself away in his castellated abbey / The masquerade and a tour of the abbey / Buying Rod Stewart for dog food / The stranger / Houdini / Prince Prospero again / The French revolution's new image / Prince Prospero meets Sniffynose / Programmes later tonight / Prince Prospero meets Eric Pode and Lady Constance

Eric Pode Of Croydon's Easter Special

Face The Smart Alec / A complaint about the last item - It'll be desophisticated as Junk Box Jury / Mr. Thrimskins visits the Doctor with terminal Hogmany / A Scotsman complains / Nixon's middle name / Aquarius - Molesting the Royal Ballet / The Superstars at Crystal Palace with Eric Pode / The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy yet again

The Man From The Burkiss Way

You're listening to Radio 2 on ITV / Adverts for Anglia TV and Dung K fertilizer / The Controller of Programmes meets the Scriptwriter of Tales Of The Undead / The strange visitor on the soccer special / Blake's film shot in old gravel pits / A dentist uses gelignite / The Ticket Inspector / The 49th International Ideal Botty Exhibition / Satan's autobiography with Eric Pode in Hell / Never ending Radio 4

Sack The Burkiss Way

The end of Week Ending / A couple of apologies / How to identify authentic BBC announcers / Selling patio doors to the Trojans / Spotty Young Cleverdicks of the Year / The Trojans again / Homer's Illiad translated by a schoolboy / The Goddess with the most beautiful breasts competition / Eddie's All Night 24 Hour Sniffery / A man flushing himself down the lavatory / Family Fortunes / Eric Pode blitzkriegs the Trojans / Obituary to Chris Emmett / Fake continuity announcers are on the loose

Love Big Brother The Burkiss Way

Another edition of The Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy / Not the Next Weeks News Huddlines / An Apology / 1984 / Winston and Julia discuss Julia's whalechange / The Ministry of Truth / A message from Big Brother / A small ancestral home on the South Coast -Catering adviser / Party political broadcast on behalf of Big Brother / Big Brother and Julia / The South Catford hatchery and Conditioning Centre / Winston meets Big Brother / Reprocessing an old TV extract / 5 or 6 naked ladies / Room 101 with Eric Pode / Big Brother cabinet reshuffle / Winston Smith marries Big Brother / Friday Night Saturday Morning.

Write Extremely Long Titles The Burkiss Way

Richard Nixon on the Muppet Show / The laughter dubbers are pressing the wrong buttons / The wonderful world of the Brothers Grimm - The Odd Couple - Fairy Time / Hansel and Gretel with violence / Yesterday in Quango / US advert for Thames TV - Benny Hill's version of Handel's Messiah - Kenny Everette's version of Tchaikovski's Piano Concerto - Post Office Telecommunications version of HMS Pinafor / Buy My Book Unbuy My Book - The Welsh Appeal / The Grimm Brothers are sued for damages / Looks Familiar with Eric Pode as the memory man / Muppet Show outro

Settle Out Of Court The Burkiss Way

Things Club with Jack Hargreaves / Bob Langley Gives You The Willies / What's My Gender / Deluxe travel agents sketch for two / Bob Langley again / The Time Machine - Devenish In The Middle / Bob Langley yet again - Hold a conversation with Brian Jacks / Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxarama - Magnus Pyke on dietary behaviour / Dig Up Your Grandad / False ending / Music show trailer / Mr Jobes the amoeba.

Wave Goodbye To CBEs The Burkiss Way

A tribute for the Queen Mother's 80th birthday / The Good Life / Michael Parkinson with Lee and Perrins Lovecraft Superstories -Death On Sea - exam on death / Another tribute / To The Manor Born / The Psychiatrist / Death On Sea again / Yet another tribute / The Tommy Steele Hour - 1980s remake of the mathematical numbers system / Death On Sea again / Another tribute - The Royal Family doesn't exist / Salvador Heyadali sails to Mexico / Death On Sea yet again with Eric Pode

Thanking Somone The Burkiss Way

Tony Lang was kind (or daft) enough to entrust the valuable manuscript for this show log to me, so that I may enlighten the world to the lessons of Burkiss. I would like to thank him for his original work and hope that he doesn't lynch me for cutting it about! I would also like to thank Andrew Marshall for contacting me and for correcting a few odds and ends.