The Curried Goat Show

This was one of the shows that I went to see being recorded at the Radio Theatre, in Broadcasting House whilst a a postgraduate at The University of London, and was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I was also disappointed when I failed to record them as my tape deck was playing up at the time, and also disappointed that they were not repeated, and it only lasted the one series. The Big Buzzard Boogie Band were the resident musicians, and I can still remember the rendition of There 'Aint Nobody Here But Us Chickens as though it were yesterday. Written and performed by Dan Gaster, Will Ing and Ben Silburn, this sketch show showcaed thier unique humour.

:: Series 1

This series was originally broadcast on Radio 2 of a Thursday evening at 10.00pm.

Tx. dateDetails
8.1.98Guest: Gary Olsen
15.1.98Guest: Nerys Hughes
22.1.98Guest: Susie Blake
29.1.98Guest: James Fleet
5.2.98Guest: Paula Wilcox
12.2.98Guest: Paula Wilcox
26.2.98Guest: Imelda Staunton