Dad's Army

Set in the Home Guard, that ruthless force designed to keep the British Isles free from the grip of Nazism during WWII, this radio adaptation of the highly successful TV series was originally broadcast on the Radio 4, retained most of the original cast (James Beck who played Private Walker died during the run of the TV series), and many of the scripts from the TV versions. There were three series in all, running from early 1974, through to late 1976.

The following represents a complete log of the radio series, and appears to be more accurate that the sleeve notes of these issues giving listings of all three of the series (BBC Worldwide think there were only two!!!!). I have also added the details of the BBC releases alongside the episodes. There are now a total of 11 volumes of double cassettes available, and the first three volumes were recently re-issued as a set at a reduced price - well worth snapping up while stocks last.

Apart from the TV and the radio series, there was a stage play (with a record issued), and there has even been a novel and of course the film. Now that the BBC have started to issue the TV series on DVD, I intend to bring details as new volumes are released. The first, in their range of Best Of... titles, contains The Deadly Attachment, Keep Young and Beautiful, Never Too Old, Asleep in the Deep, and Sons of the Sea, along with the Selection Box show. So not only do you get 5 episodes, there is the documentary with hand-picked clips and interviews with various celebs and the ubiquitous artist profiles. This is the best value out of all The Best Of... range and cannot be passed up, so, ration books out, form an orderly line, everyone will be able to get one, but there IS a war on, you know!

SERIES 1 | 2 | 3

Series One.

This series was broadcast on a Monday evening at 6.15pm
DateEpisode TitleNotes
28 Jan 74The Man And The Hour Vol 2
04 Feb 74Museum Piece Vol 2
11 Feb 74Command Decision Vol 2
18 Feb 74The Enemy Within The Gates Vol 2
25 Feb 74The Battle Of Godfrey's Cottage Vol 3
04 Mar 74The Armoured Might Of Lance Corporal Jones Vol 4
11 Mar 74Sergeant Wilson's Little Secret Vol 4
18 Mar 74A Stripe For Frazer Vol 3
25 Mar 74Operation Kilt Vol 4
01 Apr.74 Battle School Vol 4
08 Apr 74Under Fire Vol 6
15 Apr 74Something Nasty In the Vault Vol 5
22 Apr 74The Showing Up Of Corporal Jones Vol 5
29 Apr 74The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Walker Vol 5
06 Apr 74 Sorry Wrong Number Vol 5
13 May 74The Bullet Is Not For FiringVol 6
20 May 74Room At The Bottom Vol 6
27 May 74The Menace From The Deep Vol 6
03 Jun 74No Spring For Frazer
10 Jun 74Sons Of The Sea
For Christmas 1974, there was a special show broadcast, again on Radio 4, at 1.15pm
24 Dec 74Present Arms

Series Two.

Season two went out on Radio 4 on a Tuesday lunchtime at 12:25pm.
DateEpisode TitleNotes
11 Feb 75Don't Forget The DiverVol 7
18 Feb 75If The Cap FitsVol 7
25 Feb 75Put That Light OutVol 11
04 Mar 75Boots Boots Boots
11 Mar 75 Sergeant - Save My Boy!Vol 11
18 Mar 75 BrandedVol 9
25 Mar75Uninvited GuestsVol 11
01 Apr 75A Brush With The LawVol 7
08 Apr 75A Soldiers FarewellVol 10
15 Apr 75Brain Versus Brawn
22 Apr 75War Dance
29 Apr 75Mum's Army
06 May 75Getting The BirdVol 7
13 May 75Don't Fence Me In
20 May 75The King Was In His Counting HouseVol 8
27 May 75When Did You Last See Your Money?Vol 1
03 Jun 75Fallen IdolVol 11
10 Jun 75A. Wilson - Manager
17 Jun 75All Is Safely Gathered InVol 10
24 Jun 75The Day The Balloon Went UpVol 9

Series Three.

The final season, 3, was broadcast on Radio 4 of a Tuesday lunchtime as before at 12:25pm,
DateEpisode TitleNotes
16 Mar 76A Man Of ActionVol 9
23 Mar 76The Honourable ManVol 3
30 Mar 76The Godiva AffairVol 8
06 Apr 76Keep Young And Beautiful
13 Apr 76Absent Friends
20 Apr 76Round And Round Went The Big WheelVol 9
27 Apr 76The Great White Hunter
04 May 76The Deadly AttachmentVol 8
11 May 76Things That Go Bump In the Night
18 May 76My British BuddyVol 8
25 May 76Big Guns
01 Jun 76The Big ParadeVol 10
08 Jun 76Asleep In the DeepVol 10
15 Jun 76We Know Our Onions
22 Jun 76The Royal Train
29 Jun 76A Question Of Reference
06 Jul 76High FinanceVol 3
13 Jul 76The Recruit
20 Jul 76A Jumbo Sized ProblemVol 1
27 Jul 76The Cricket Match
03 Aug 76Time On My HandsVol 1
10 Aug 76Turkey Dinner
17 Aug 76The Captains Car
24 Aug 76The Two and a Half Feathers
31 Aug 76Is There Honey Still For Tea?
07 Sept 76Ten Seconds From NowVol 1
There have been many books published on the series in recent years, and also biographies of some of the cast. Amongst the latest of the books to arrive has been the Scripts of the shows that have been wiped from the video archives. Most of these episodes were subsequently made for the radio, so the stories have not been entirely lost, but it would be nice to see a full set of the TV series.

Bill Pertwee has written his autobiography, which has a large section regarding Dad's in it, but has also penned the Making of a TV Legend. This book is very good and even lists another series that span off from Dad's, It Stick's Out Half a Mile, which is also featured on this site. Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender also appeared in Parsley Sidings, another radio series covered on this site.

There will be details of the TV series to come, but why not hot foot it over to the Dad's Army Appreciation Society pages, and support the cause!