A four-part comedy by Dan Freedman and Nick Romero about the exploits of Lord Zimbabwe, occultist and adventurer. With Nick Romero, Dan Freedman, Sophie Aldred, Peter Donaldson and Owen Oakeshott, this series was first broadcast on Radio 4 of a Tuesday evening in the late night comedy slot at 11pm.

:: Series 1

TitleTx. DateRec. DateTape NumberDetails
The Curse of Tutancommon.11.7.00Lord Zimbabwe travels back to ancient Egypt to uncover the mystery of the tackiest of the pharaohs, whose untimely death has unleashed an evil curse.
The Case of the Missing Soul.18.7.00 A mysterious foreign countess begs Lord Zimbabwe to win back her soul from the lord of the underworld. Without a soul, she is destined to be a Barry Manilow fan for eternity.
The Affair of the Baddie's Niece.25.7.00Lord Zimbabwe and Dr Lilac travel back in time to the Wild West where, with the help of the good folk of the town of Tombstone, they must thwart the evil Waffle Baron Ike Clanton.
The Case of the Stupid Ignorant Americans.1.8.00 Lord Zimbabwe faces his greatest challenge yet - a voyage to the moon to rescue an American who has been subjected to a cruel alien snatch. This could only mean one thing...