Norman Straightman and his wife Vera, played by Tony Aitken and Denise Coffey, are an ordinary couple, howevre thier lives are constantly interupted by visits from television personalities played by Fred Harris, Sue Holderness, Dudley Stevens and David Simeon.

The series was written by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, directed by Geoffrey Sax and produced by Simon Brett and Humphrey Barclay.

:: Series 1

TitleTx. DateNotes
Arachnid Executives15.4.79
Wedding Anniversary22.4.79
The Return Of The Doughnut29.4.79
The Adventures Of Sherlock Holmes6.5.79
That's Bernard Braden's Show Really20.5.79
BBC East Anglia27.5.79

:: Series 2

TitleTx. DateNotes
The British Bum Speech Awards12.10.80
Discovering English Churches19.10.80
With David Frost Were ...26.10.80
World War III Results2.11.80
Miss World9.11.80
Larry Grayson's Fat Ladies Embarrassment Game16.11.80
End Of End Of Part One23.11.80