The Jason Explanation

First there was Lord Clark, then Dr. Bronowski, then came Professor Galbraith, and now........Mr. David Jason. David Jason unravels the mysteries of the universe and the meaning of life in 25 minutes, with Miriam Margolyes, Royce Mills and the music of John Owen Edwards. He gets to the bottom of...

And so went the sub-billing for the first series. In this series of 25-30 minute shows, helping David Jason to explain, were Miriam Margolyes, Royce Mills, Sheila Steafel, Chris Emmett, Norma Ronald, who were later replaced with Stephen Moore, David Tate, and then subsequently with Malcolm Terris and Jon Glover& Gordon Clyde.

The writers and researchers of the series were Colin Bostock-Smith, Andy Hamilton and Barry Pilton, and the shows were produced by Geoffrey Perkins (1, 2) and Jimmy Mulville.

Series: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Special

:: Series 1

All 6 shows in this series were broadcast on Radio 4 at 10.30pm., with on Fridays, with repeats the following day at 5.30 pm on the same channel.

Tx. DateRx. DateTitleBBC Cat.
2..9.778.8.77... of MoneyT 52377
9.9.7722.8.77... of Love, Sex & MarriageT 52378
16.9.7722.8.77... of CommunicationsT 52379
23.9.7719.9.77... of PoliticsT 52380
30.9.7723.9.77... of Travel & LeisureT 52381

:: Series 2

The second series had an extra two shows, and was broadcast on a Saturday lunchtime (12.30pm) on Radio 4.

Tx. DateRx. DateTitleBBC Cat.
30.9.7811.7.78... of ForeignersT 54339
7.10.7818.7.78... of EducationT 54340
14.10.7820.6.78... of IllnessT 54341
21.10.781.8.78... of WarT 54338
28.10.784.7.78... of CrimeNot In Archives
4.11.7827.6.78... of TaboosT 54342
11.11.7825.7.78... of CultureT 54343
18.11.788.8.78... of FailureT 54344

:: Series 3

The third series was broadcast on Radio 4 of a Thursday lunchtime (12.30pm).

Tx. DateRx. DateTitleBBC Cat.
3.4.80... of Law & OrderHeld In Archives
10.4.80... of ShowbusinessHeld In Archives
17.4.80... of ProgressHeld In Archives
24.4.80... of The 60sHeld In Archives
1.5.80... of ReligionHeld In Archives
8.5.80... of The BodyHeld In Archives
15.5.8026.4.80... of The Printed WordHeld In Archives
22.5.80... of The FamilyHeld In Archives

:: Series 4

The fourth, and final, series was broadcast on Radio 4 of a Monday lunchtime (12.30pm).

Tx. DateRx. DateTitleBBC Cat.
20.7.81... of Natural HistoryHeld In Archives
27.7.81... of The Seven Deadly SinsHeld In Archives
3.8.81... of Age*Held In Archives
10.8.81... of FearHeld In Archives
17.8.81... of Business & PleasureHeld In Archives
24.8.81... of Saturday NightHeld In Archives
31.8.81... of Fads & FashionsHeld In Archives
7.9.81... of Myths & LegendsHeld In Archives

* This title is to be confirmed as "Radio Times" failed to appear due to a printing dispute.

Christmas Special

A one-off Christmas Special entitled "The Jason Explanation of The Festive Season" was broadcast on Radio 4 at 10.30pm on Friday 25 December, 1981, and was the standard 30 minutes. This show is held by the BBC.

I would like to thank Roger Bickerton once again for his help in compiling the log for this page, and the rummaging through countless copies of the Radio Times.