There's a Funny Thing

A comedy series in which Hugh Dennis delves into the comedy archives to explore the eccentricities of British life. Each episode deals with a different topic and culls all that is the best in classic and contemporary comedy.

SERIES 1 | 2 | 3

:: Series 1

Broadcast in the mid-morning comedy slot (11.30am) on Radio 4 of a Tuesday with a repeat some while later in the late night comedy slot (11.30pm) over three successive evenings.

TitleTX DateRpt Date

:: Series 2

Broadcast of a Tuesday in the mid-morning comedy slot (11.30am).
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:: Series 3

Again, broadcast of a Tuesday in the mid-morning comedy slot (11.30am). This was originally billed as a three part series, then a four part! I will confirm the details once I have found my recordings!

TitleTX Date
Law and Order12.12.00
Doctors and Nurses2.1.00