It's A Fair Cop

This was the first radio series to star Eric Sykes. By this time, he was already very well known and had starred in his own TV series, and written numerous other comedy shows for radio, however, he didn't actually write this himself, John Junkin and Terry Nation (later to create the Daleks) were responsible for that. Set in Blossom Hill Police Station, Sykes played a constable answerable to his superior, Sgt Deryck Guyler, who, in turn, was answerable to Superintendent Leonard Williams.

This series appeared to be an extension of the hugely popular and long running TV series that began a year earlier, as not only did Guyler play a copper, but Hattie Jacques was to play Sykes sister. Making up the full compliment was resident prisoner Dick Emery, a jobbing criminal who had learnt to make himself comfortable in his many stays in cell number 1.

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Until recently, there were no examples of the series in the BBC archives, but one was returned as part of the Treasure Hunt scheme (*although it was dated as 16.6.61!).