Injury Time

Sketch show starring Rory McGrath, Jimmy Mulville, Emma Thompson, Robert Bathurst, Martin Bergman (series 1) and Griff Rhys Jones (Series 2 & 3). This series was an early showcase for these Cambridge Footlights graduates (although by the time Griff Rhys Jones joined the cast in 1981 he was already well known thanks to 'Not the Nine O'Clock News'). Rory McGrath and Jimmy Mulville went on to star in the Channel 4 series 'Who Dares Wins' which was in many ways a TV transfer of 'Injury Time'.

:: Series 1

Opening SketchTx. DateNotes
Brand New Comedy Show1.8.80
John Peel8.8.80
Time For Injury Time15.8.80
Cast Introduction22.8.80Dated 22.2.80 in BBC archives
Carol Singing29.8.80
Welsh Listeners Only5.9.80

:: Series 2

Opening SketchTx. DateNotes
Dick Turpin31.7.81Edited repeat: Dumb Yankee Kids
Peggy Jane Tragedy7.8.81
BBC Apology14.8.81
The Lombardies21.8.81
Man And Horse28.8.81
The Long McGood Sweeney4.9.81

:: Series 3

Opening SketchTx. DateNotes
Horse With No Legs6.7.82
World Chess Championship20.7.82
Children's Programmes27.7.82
Emperor's New Clothes3.8.82
Eter Jameson10.8.82

I would like to thank Ian Bradbury for help in compiling this page.