I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue

Key to the panelists:
Tim Brooke-Taylor (TBT), Graeme Garden (GG), Barry Cryer (BC), Willie Rushton (WR)
Bill Oddie (BO), Jo Kendall (JK), John Cleese (JC), John Junkin (JJ)
Jonathan Lynn (JL), Denise Coffey (DC), Mike Harding (MH), Kenny Everett (KE)
Bill Tidy (BT), Stephen Fry (SF), Jeremy Hardy (JH), Tony Hawks (TH)
Paul Merton (PM), Sandi Toksvig (ST), Fred MacAulay (FM), Max Boyce (MB)
Key to the chair:
Humphrey Lyttelton (HL), Barry Cryer (BC), Bob Table
Cast: TBT, BC, GG, WR, HL unless specified otherwise Teams: GG & WR v BC & TBT (series 3), TBT & WR v GG & BC (later)

Series: < | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 | 29 | 30 | 31 | 32 | 33

Series Nineteen.

EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
19/119.10.91TBT, BC, WR, PM HL FamousFirst Words
19/226.10.91TBT, BC, WR, PM HL Wuthering Hillocks
19/32.11.91BC, WR, BT, DC HL Telegrams
19/49.11.91BC, WR, BT, DC HL Crossbreeds
19/516.11.91TBT, BC, WR, PM HL Biographies
19/623.11.91TBT, BC, WR, PM HL Misleading Advice
19/730.11.91TBT, BC, WR,GG HL Last Episode
19/87.12.91TBT, BC, WR,GG HL Double Feature

Series Twenty.

EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
20/123.5.92TBT, BC, WR, PM HL School Reports
20/230.5.92TBT, BC, WR, PM HL Celebrity Misquotes
20/36.6.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL Wuthering HillocksBrighton
20/413.6.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL TranslationsBrighton
20/520.6.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL Famous First WordsOxford
20/627.6.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL Celebrity MisquotesOxford
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
Best-13.8.92BC, GG, TBT, WRHLWuthering hillocks
Best-210.8.92TBT, WR, GG, BCHLKiss of death

Series Twenty One.

Historical HeadlinesTranslations
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
21/114.11.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL Celebrity MisquotesBuxton
21/221.11.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL TranslationsBuxton
21/328.11.92GG, BC, WR, PM HL Missed HitsParis Studios
21/45.12.92GG, BC, WR, PM HL Celebrity MisquotesParis Studios
21/512.12.92GG, BC, WR, PM HL TranslationsChichester
21/619.12.92GG, BC, WR, PM HL Missed HitsChichester
SP26.12.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL
SP26.12.92TBT, BC, WR, GG HL Buxton
Compilation? (from Brighton) Willie Rushton, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden Translations / One old song to the tune of another / Special occasion cards / Sound charades / Commentries / Straight face / Censored song / Vegetable film club Compilation? (from Paris Studio, London) Paul Merton, Willie Rushton, Graem Garden, Barry Cryer (Sven) Celebrity misquotes / The singer and the song / Children's classics / Mornington Crescent / PC titles / Unhelpful tour guides / Just a minim / Farmer's film club (last in series of comp) Compilation? Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Willie Rushton (Sven) Historical headlines / The singer and the song / Gardner's ball / Cheddar gorge / Complete quotes / Sound charades / Good news, bad news / Just a minim / Ball Best of Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Willie Rushton Wuthering hillocks / American's ball / Cheddar gorge / Gargle gargle / Bedtime story / Good news, bad news / Close quotes / Singing relay / Ball Compilation? Barry Cryer, Paul Merton, Willie Rushton, Tim Brooke-Taylor Celebrity misquotes / Pick up song / Sound charades / Limericks (ancient Greeks) / Smugglers and Customs Officers / Modern nursery rhymes / Just a minim / Celebrity sponsor (Last of the series) William Rushton, Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, Graeme Garden (Sven) Celebrity misquote / Pick up song / Hard sell / Mornington Crescent / Noises Off / Limericks (TV) / Censored song / Chef's film club
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
22/16.11.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLEdinburgh
22/213.11.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLEdinburgh
22/320.11.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLWuthering HillocksBury St Edmunds
22/427.11.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLHistorical PostcardsBury St Edmunds
22/54.12.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLHistorical HeadlinesLondon
22/611.12.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHLCelebrity MisquotesLondon
SP25.12.93TBT, GG, BC, WRHL
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
23/24.6.94 Windsor
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
24/15.11.94 PM, BC, GG, WR HL Bath
24/212.11.94 PM, BC, GG, WRHLBath
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
26/111.11.95 Hackney
26/218.11.95 Hackney
26/42.12.95 Harrogate
26/59.12.95 Stratford.on.Avon
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
27/11.6.96 Brighton
27/28.6.96 Brighton
27/315.6.96 Richmond
27/5 9.6.96Cheltenham
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
28/1 9.11.96 Liverpool
28/2 16.11.96 Liverpool
28/3 23.11.96 Northampton
28/4 30.11.96 Northampton
28/5 7.12.96 Cambridge
28/6 14.12.96 Cambridge

The last episode in this series carried a tribute to Willie by John Bird.

EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
29/17.6.97TBT, BC, GG, PMHLBath
29/214.6.97TBT, BC, GG, PMHLBath
29/321.6.97TBT, BC, GG, DCHLBrighton
29/428.6.97TBT, BC, GG, DCHLBrighton
29/55.7.97TBT, BC, GG, SFHLCanterbury
29/612.7.97TBT, BC, GG, SFHLCanterbury
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
30/1 8.11.97 TBT, BC, GG, PMHLWimbledon
30/2 15.11.97 TBT, BC, GG, PMHLWimbledon
30/3 22.11.97 TBT, BC, GG, THHLNewcastle
30/429.11.97 TBT, BC, GG, THHLNewcastle
30/56.12.97 TBT, BC, GG, STHLIslington
30/613.12.97 TBT, BC, GG, STHLIslington
13.4.98 TBT, BC, GG, ?, HL
20.4.98 TBT, BC, GG, ? HL
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
31/127.4.98TBT, BC, GG, JHHLWindsor
31/24.5.98TBT, BC, GG, JHHLWindsor
31/311.5.98 TBT, BC, GG, PMHLLeeds
31/418.5.98TBT, BC, GG, PMHLLeeds
31/525.5.98TBT, BC, GG, STHLSouthsea
31/61.6.98TBT, BC, GG, STHLSouthsea
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
32/130.11.98TBT, BC, GG, FMHLGlasgow
32/27.12.98TBT, BC, GG, FMHL Glasgow
32/314.12.98 TBT, BC, GG, MBHL Cardiff
32/421.12.98TBT, BC, GG, MBHLCardiff
32/528.12.98TBT, BC, GG, JHHLBirmingham
32/64.1.99TBT, BC, GG, JHHL Birmingham
SP25.12.98TBT, BC, GG, PM, ST, FM, JHHL
SP11.1.99I'm Sorry I Haven't A Desert IslandCelebrity choices
EpTx DatePanelChairFirst RoundVenue
33/1 24.5.99 TBT, BC, GG, FMHL Guildford
33/2 31.5.99 TBT, BC, GG, FMHL Guildford