Jeeves and Wooster

Granada Video/VCI release another splendid treat for fans of Jeeves & Wooster this September with Jeeves & Wooster - The Complete 4th Series on DVD. Bertie (Hugh Laurie) is the immensely eligible dandy (with fluff where his brain should be), and Jeeves (Stephen Fry) the gentleman's gentleman, whose mighty intellect is entirely devoted to getting his young master out of scrapes and keeping him out of the clutches of prospective brides. Based on the stories of P.G. Wodehouse, Laurie and Fry have captured the writer's wit and sophistication and portray the marvellous, light-hearted atmosphere in which the stories were originally set to perfection. In this series, Bertie and Jeeves have returned to the glittering metropolis New York, hoping for a peaceful existence. The peace doesn't last long though, as Bertie is soon besieged by his wayward cousins, along with the dreaded Aunt Agatha. When former fiancees start appearing, Bertie realises only too well that his bacherlhood is in jeopardy. One thing's for sure it will take the not inconsiderable skill of Jeeves to save the day, but as he struggles to save his hapless employer from more trouble, it seems the only way out is to set sail for Englandů Jeeves & Wooster - The Complete 4th Series is a delightful double DVD featuring all six episodes from the fourth and final series. Originally transmitted in 1993, the episodes featured on the DVD are: The Spot of Art; Jeeves in the Morning; Bingo and the Little Woman; Jeeves and the Feudal Spirit; Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves; and Much Obliged, Jeeves. The early nineties saw Bertie back on our screens in what is probably now the best known of the adaptations. With Fry and Laurie as the title pair, the comedy was assured to work and the productions, freely adapted from the novels, were excellent. From memory they were broadcast of a weekend (LWT for my area) an usually on a Sunday evening, but they have all been repeated,a nd most recently have turned up againg and again on Granada's own satellite channel. There have been various video releases since the first showings and I believe that mos tof the episodes are now available to buy - will keep you posted. Episodes did not have titles, and these have bee culled from my own notes on the video sleeves and also those that I have found around the net, so they are pretty much the acceptable ones. As before, the number in brackets denote the order in which the actors played the role of that character and do not denote the series.

CharacterPlayed by
Bertie WoosterHugh Laurie
JeevesStephen Fry
Tuppy GlossopRobert Daws
Bingo LittleMichael Siberry (1)
Pip Torrens (2)
Gussie Fink-NottleRichard Garnett (1)
Richard Braine (2)
Barmy Fotheringay-PhippsAdam Blackwood (1)
Martin Clunes (2)
Aunt AgathaMary Wimbush (1)
Elizabeth Spriggs (2)
Aunt DahliaBrenda Bruce (1)
Vivian Pickles (2)
Patricia Lawrence (3)
Jean Heywood (4)
Angela TraversAmanda Elwes
Madeleine BassettFrancesca Folan (1)
Diana Blackburn (2)
Elizabeth Morton (3)

First Series

TitleTX date
Pride Of The Woosters22-4-90
McIntosh the Dog29-4-90
The Purity Of The Turf6-5-90
Right Ho, Jeeves (Pt 1)13-5-90
Right Ho, Jeeves (Pt 2)20-5-90

Second Series

TitleTX date
Code Of The Woosters (Pt 1)14-4-91
Code Of The Woosters (Pt 2)21-4-91
Pearls Mean Tears28-4-91
Thank You, Jeeves (Pt 1)5-5-91
Thank You, Jeeves (Pt 212-5-91
No Wedding Bells For Bingo19-5-91

Third Series

TitleTX date
Jeeves And The Unbidden Guest29-3-92
The Aunt And The Sluggard5-4-92
The Artistic Career Of Corky12-4-92
The Mating Season19-4-92
Jeeves Takes Charge26-4-92
Comrade Bingo3-5-92

Fourth Series

TitleTX date
The Spot Of Art16-May-93
Joy In The Morning23-May-93
Bingo And The Little Woman30-5-93
Jeeves And The Feudal Spirit6-6-93
Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves13-6-93
Much Obliged, Jeeves20-6-93