Jim The Great

Series 1 | Series 2 | Series 3

This Radio 2 comedy starred the Falstafian comedian, Jimmy Edwards, best known for his roles in Take It From Here, alongside Dick Bentley, Joy Nichols and June Whitfield.

:: Series 1

Broadcast on Radio 2 of a Saturday at 1pm.

TitleDateRec. DateTape No.
O Pilot14.2.7614.12.75T50982
A Patron Of The Arts26.3.778.2.77T52279
The Stately Homes of England2.4.7710.2.77T52280
The March of Democracy9.4.7714.2.77T52281
The Great Celtic Rune Race16.4.7715.2.77T52282
The King Jim Abacus Dating Service23.4.7722.2.77T52283
Emporer Jim30.4.7724.2.77T52284

:: Series 3

Broadcast on Radio 2 of a Sunday at 1.00pm.

TitleDateRec. DateTape No.

:: Series 3

Broadcast on Radio 2 of a Saturday at 10.00pm.

TitleDateRec. DateTape No.
Fit for a Queen26.8.7913.5.79T54351
The Turn of the Tide2.9.7911.3.79T54345
Oh, Claudius!9.9.7925.3.79T54348
Joust in Time16.9.791.4.79T54350
Chase Me, Charlemange23.9.7911.3.79T54346
Here Comes The Hun30.9.7925.3.79T54347
The Camelot Caper7.10.7913.5.79T54352
The Man from the Monastery14.10.791.4.79T54349