Audrey Fforbs-Hamilton enjoys all the little luxuries that a women of her standing and ancestry might expect, that is until her husband dies and the death duties force her to sell Grantleigh Manor, and move into the coach house, only retaining her faithful butler, Brabinger.

The Manor is bought by a successful business man, Richard De Vere, and at first audrey resents him for taking her place, but secretly likes him. The series was written by Peter Spence and was extremely popular with the first paperback having to be reprinted! Recently, the series has been part of the mid afternoon repeats on BBC 1 and regularly gets an airing on UKGold. Add to this the radio adaptation broadcast on Radio 2 from the 1st of February - the 29th March 1997 with Penelope Keith and Keith Baron and the recent release by Acorn Media of the complete set of videos, and it can be seen that the series is seeing a resurgance in its popularity. There are 6 volumes in all, and are detailed below, not only containing the entire series, but the Christmas Special as well. The final episode attracted over 24 Million viewers in 1981, and the video releases have proved the series to still be as popular as ever. All volumes are priced 12.99 and can be ordered direct from Acorn through their website. Please mention The British Comedy website when ordering.

To The Manor Born Acorn Media have released the entire first series of this classic comedy on a double DVD priced 24.99. With filmographies, interactive menus, and scene indexing, this is the most compact way of collecting the series and works out cheaper than the videos!

SERIES 1 | 2 | 3

Series One.

TitleTX DateNotes
Losing Grantleigh Manor30.9.79Volume 1
The New Owner7.10.79Volume 1
Going To Church14.10.79Volume 1
The Fireplace21.10.79Volume 1
The Hunt Ball28.10.79Volume 2
A Holiday At Home4.11.79Volume 2
The TV Commercial11.11.79Volume 2
A Grantleigh Christmas25.12.79Volume 6

Series Two.

TitleTX DateNotes
New Farm Manager5.10.80Volume 3
No Room In The Lodge12.10.80Volume 3
The Vanishing Vase19.10.80Volume 3
Tramps And Poachers26.10.80Volume 4
New Years Honours2.11.80Volume 4
Speedy Recovery9.11.80Volume 4

Series Three.

TitleTX DateNotes
The Scouts18.10.81Volume 5
Save The Railway Station!25.10.81Volume 5
Horses & Helicopters1.11.81volume 5
A Rare Bird8.11.81Volume 6
Female Prerogative15.11.81Volume 6
Business Crisis22.11.81Volume 6
Marraige and Back29.11.81volume 6