Man Of Soup

This is a slightly surreal comedy set in the State of Slomzovakia, recently liberated from the vast Soviet Union. The first series was writen by David Stafford, who was joined by Carolyn Stafford for the second, and sadly didn't get as much publicity as it should have. Starring Morwenna Banks, Josie Lawrence, and Adam Long, and Produced by Dirk Maggs, the show was aired in the regular Radio 4 early evening comedy slot (6.30pm), Tuesdays for the first series, and Thursdays for the second. The second also got a repeat in the late night comedy slot on Radio 4 of a Tuesday evening.

SERIES 1 | 2

:: Series 1

TitleTX DateNotes
Welcome to Slomzovakia, where Loxo is cheap and the Post-It note a decadent luxury.3.8.98
Welcome to Slomzovakia, where real men yo-yo.10.8.98
Welcome to Slomzovakia, where flip-flops are hard currency.17.8.98
Welcome to Slomzovakia, home of the aubergine.24.8.98
Beatlemania grips Slomvakia.31.8.98
Farewell Slomvakia, toxic waste capital of Europe.7.9.98

:: Series 2

SynopsisTX DateRpt DateNotes
The deeply strange occupants of Lottie's cafe-bar in the former Soviet state of Slomzovakia return for an incendiary episode.1.6.0019.9.00
It is presidential election time, and Klepke stands against Boris the Warlord.8.6.0026.9.00
New revelations about Klepke, Lottie, Lovac, Ignatz and Salome threaten the fragile, alcohol-fuelled equilibrium.
It all starts with Lovac's impression of Yasser Arafat and the computer Salome has borrowed.22.6.0010.10.00
Is it loxo fever or normal life in Slomzovakia?29.6.0017.10.00
Satan - or is it Bill Oddie? - walks the earth and drops in to Lottie's bar. The world holds its breath.4.7.0024.10.00