Old Harry's Game

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:: Series 1

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsisNotes
Welcome to Hell23.11.95 Satan is fed up. "I'm bored of skiing across the lake of fire with a nun lashed to each boot. That's the trouble with eternity - it's so hard to set yourself targets." The Professor and Thomas arrive in Hell, after Thomas kills the Professor in a car crash.Side 1
Corruption30.11.95 Can Satan convince the professor that all human beings are corruptible.
Hero Worship7.12.95The Professor meets one of his heroes. Leonardo Da Vinci.
Appearances14.12.95Satan's starting to feel self conscious about his appearance.
Rebellion21.12.95Gary leads a demon rebellion against the Prince of Darkness.Side 2
Redemption28.12.95 Satan begs to be let back into heaven. The Professor finally convinces Satan he shouldn't be in hell. He gains an audience with God, but has an argument with him, and ends up back in Hell; which appears to have frozen over. Side 3

:: Series 2

Broadcast on a Tuesday evening at 11.00pm in Radio 4's late night comedy slot, the show was repeated two days later in the early evening slot (6.30pm). With Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville and Robert Duncan.

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsisNotes
Assistant7.4.989.4.98With human depravity on the increase, Hell is becoming seriously overcrowded. Satan needs an assistant demon to help him cope.Side 4
Chuckles14.4.9816.4.98Satan recruits a new assistant - he's intelligent, he's devious, and he's a dolphin called Chuckles.
Nero21.4.9823.4.98Satan takes Thomas on a tour of his life and recruits a keen new tormentor, the Emperor Nero
Computers28.4.9830.4.98Satan has trouble with a fundamentalist and Scumspawn has trouble with a pushy computer.
G.U.T.5.5.987.5.98For centuries, scientists have tried in vain to work out the grand unifying theory behind the universe. Satan sits the Professor down and teaches him it.
Too Far?12.5.9814.5.98Satan instructs Scumspawn to perform the most gross and humiliating act of all time. Has the Prince of Darkness finally gone too far?

:: Series 3/A>

Broadcast on a Wednesday evening in the late night comedy slot on radio 4 (11.00pm) the show was repeated a short while later in the early evening comedy slot (6.30pm). With Andy Hamilton, James Grout and Jimmy Mulville.

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsisNotes
This Thing Called Love24.3.996.5.99Love drives the professor to extreme action and Satan becomes concerned about his image on Earth.
Another Country31.3.9913.5.99The Professor is convinced that societies evolve and mature. Then Satan introduces him to Bill Clinton.
A Four-Letter Word7.4.9920.5.99A new arrival persuades Satan to remake `Casablanca' with Bogart, Bergman and a mutant alien.
The Reasonably Fantastic Journey14.4.9927.5.99Satan and the Professor find a huge empty space in hell - when they enter Scumspawn's brain.
The Beautiful Game21.4.993.6.99Satan decides to hold a major football tournament - the Underworld Cup.
The Final Reckoning28.4.9910.6.99God has heard that rules are being broken in hell and sends some archangels to investigate.

:: Series 4

Thursday evenings in the Radio 4 late night comedy slot (11.30pm). With Andy Hamilton, James Grout, Jimmy Mulville and Robert Duncan.

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsisNotes
Knowledge & Ingnorance29.3.01Satan punishes a feng shui expert who tells him that his lake of fire is pointing in the wrong direction, and debates with the Professor whether knowledge is always better than ignorance. Rec 13.2.01
Beautiful England5.4.01Satan sets out to prove to the Professor that the English are the worst nation on Earth, and Scumspawn tries to deal with a lager lout.Rec 13.2.01
Health & Safety12.4.01The inhabitants of Hell are joined by a health and safety officer, who says that the lighting is inadequate.Rec 15.2.01
Poets Corner19.4.01Satan is deeply offended when he discovers that the poet W B Yeats described him as a `rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem', and he decides to visit W B in Hell's poet's corner.Rec 15.2.01
Sleep26.4.01The Professor and Thomas discover that Satan has never known what it is to sleep, so they try to give him 40 winks.Rec 17.2.01
Beauty3.5.01The Professor and Thomas discuss the nature of beauty, and Satan introduces them to Helen of Troy and her plain friend, Daphne. Then God turns up for a chat. Rec 17.2.01