Revolting People

An historical comedy written by Andy Hamilton and Jay Tarses set in Baltimore just before the American Revolution. With Jay Tarses, Andy Hamilton, Sophie Thompson, James Fleet witha guest appearance from Timothy West int he concluding episode.

Series 1

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsis
Storm Clouds18. year is 1770, and Baltimore shopkeeper Samuel Oliphant has much to worry about.
More Storm Clouds25.1.0016.1.01At the wedding reception of the year, Samuel insults the groom, the bride drinks herself under the table, Mary tries to start a mutiny and someone gets shot.
Even More Storm Clouds1.2.0023.1.01Samuel's crooked brother turns up and inveigles Joshua into a prize fight against the terrifying Cockney Monster. Can Samuel and Sergeant McGurk stop Joshua from being killed?
Tons of Storm Clouds8.2.0030.1.01Revolutionary orator Nathaniel Hopkins arrives and wins Mary's fervent support. But it is not just her support he is after.
A Helluva Lot of Storm Clouds15. discovers that she is pregnant, though she and Ezekiel have not yet consummated their marriage. Meanwhile, Mary and Captain Brimshaw can hardly control their passion.
An Incredible Amount of Storm Clouds22.2.0013.2.01Feared British commander General Venables demands some executions by sunset, so that he can have the whole day to look forward to them. Not everyone can survive.

:: Series 2

With Jay Tarses, Penelope Nice, Andy Hamilton, James Fleet and guest appearances from Jan Ravens and Hugh Dennis.

TitleTX DateRpt DateSynopsis
24.4.01A wife returns, a daughter gives birth, and Sergeant McGurk reveals the real reason why the English won the Battle of Culloden.
1.5.01Samuel's emporium faces competition from a new super-emporium, and Mary climbs into bed with Captain Brimshaw.
8.5.01Sergeant McGurk takes up spying - and his first target is his superior officer.
15.5.01Samuel is left a fortune by his puritanical Aunt Sybil, but only if his family can fulfil her final wish.
22.5.01Mary is wooed by a newly arrived captain. Little does she know, he has recently been named Cad of the Year by the Bounder's Gazette.
29.5.01Ezekiel discovers the truth about his ginger-haired baby, and sets out to track down its father. The others set out to stop him.