The Shuttleworths
First of all, lets hear a word from John Shuttleworth himself...

Hello there, John Shuttleworth here, extremely keen to tell you about these audio releases. There's stargazing through the lounge window with Patrick Moore - not too successful as my wife Mary wouldn't let us pull back the net curtains. John Kettley reads the weather forecast - he got it wrong and as a result got soaked walking my scotty dog, Kirsty. (I couldn't walk her, could I? I was busy running the show). Leo Sayer does a bit of shopping for me (thanks for that, Leo!) He also reads the local news, and sings. Various musical hopefuls including John Hegley and Dean Cullen fail miserably impress and impresario - that's Ken Worthington, or course, my next door neighbour and producer of Radio Shuttleworth. I say producer - all Ken had to do was sit in a comfy chair and ride the faders on me music centre - and he couldn't even do that without hitting the wrong button. Oooph! They don't sound like a very good tapes, do they? They will be, I promise. Tata and God Bless. John. X

On these three latest releases from the BBC radio collection is the very first series of Radio Shuttleworth, and two of the three series of The Shuttleworths. This Radio 4 comedy has achieved cult status and recently saw a repeat of the last series on a Saturday evening, with promise of another new series later this year. Of course, John, alias Graham Fellows, is busy in between these materpieces of the airwaves, and to mark the new Millenium has sprayed his Austin Ambassador and eye-catching shade of silver and will be appearing throughout the UK next month on his 2000 and John Tour.

The first series was in October 1993, with daily broadcasts on the 11th through to the 14th, on Radio 4. These shows were actually recorded in Graham's shed! The next series was in March and April 1994, with the final series a year later in the summer of 1995. There was a Christmas special in the same year, and 'Open House' in Spetember 1996, before John launched Radio Shuttleworth in 1998. It is this series that was recently repeated, and as from this Saturday (19th Feb) there is a new series on Radio 4 inthe early evening.

But what, I hear you cry, do we have to do to get hold of these gems? First, go down to your local High Street, and then part with 9.99 for the Radio Shuttleworth double (ISBN 0563 553 480) and 6.99 for each of the Shuttleworths volumes (ISBN 0563 393 319 and 0563 382 201).