Written by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor as a follow up to their 1981 series 'Cliche', 'Son of Cliche' was another sketch show and starred Chris Barrie, Nick Maloney and Nick Wilton. The series was produced by Alan Nixon with music by Peter Brewis.

'Son Of Cliche' ran for two series between 1983 and 1984. The first series mostly used a theme in each episode to link the sketches together (e.g. Weekly Magazine, Royal Command Performance etc.) whilst the second series didn't have themes but did have regular features each week (e.g. Captain Invisible And The See.Through.Kid, Asso . Spanish Detective, and Dave Hollins . Space Cadet. It was this feature that later developed into the television series Red Dwarf.

:: Series 1

Opening SketchTx. DateNotes
Public Parks Dedication (Weekly Magazine) 23.8.83Iincorrectly catalogued under "Cliche"
Weird Dimension30.8.83
Radio 4 Programmes6.9.83Does not exist in archives
Pirate Vision13.9.83Iincorrectly catalogued under "Cliche"
NASA Probe20.9.83Does not exist in archives
Hospital Radio27.9.83Iincorrectly catalogued under "Cliche"
Nostradamus4.10.83Iincorrectly catalogued under "Cliche"
Royal Command Performance11.10.83Iincorrectly catalogued under "Cliche"

:: Series 2

Opening sketchTx. DateNotes
Country Field3.11.84
Divorce Sale10.11.84
Kronex 6000 17.11.84
Austin Dernoid24.11.84
Amazing World1.12.84
Computer Joke8.12.84
Channel 4 Sports15.12.84
Slimmatronics29.12.84 Does not exist in archives

NB: There was a two week gap between episodes 7 and 8 of the second series. There is one entry dated 15.7.84 in the BBC archives which may be an edited repeat of one of the above 1983 episodes listed as 'Does not exist in archives'. There are also six entries dated 26.3.1990 to 30.4.1990 which may be compilations of the above shows. There is also another entry dated 25.7.1985 called "Pirate Radio 4" which is a compilation of various radio 4 shows including Son Of Cliche.

A more detailed guide has appeared here, so those of you who wish to see if your recordings are edited in anyway, should nip over there and check against their timings!

I would like to thank Ian Bradbury for help in compiling this page.