Why Bother?

This was one of Peter Cook's most acclaimed performances since the heyday of the 60s. Chris Morris brought out the best in Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling, with his surreal and inventive questioning, and allowed us an insight into the early childhood prison stretch of Sir Arthur, his life before and after the encounter with the eels, and the days of extreme comfort spent in a Japanses POW camp.

Originally broadcast on 5 consecutive days at 9.30pm on Radio 3 in 1994, all of them have been issued on cassette (and CD) by BBC Worldwide, and each interview lasts an all too short 10 minutes. This is Cook at his best and Morris turning in his normal, sharp, performance as well as producing the show. The executive producer was Peter Fincham and it was a Talkback production for the BBC.

Tx. dateRpt. dateTitle
10.1.944.2.95Eels, Love and Guns
13.1.9425.2.95Prisoner of War
14.1.944.3.95Drugs etc.