The World of Wooster

In the late sixties, BBC Television transmitted a series, well three in fact, of the World of Wooster with Ian Carmichael playing Bertie and Dniis Price as Jeeves. The supporting cast included Derek Nimmo as Bingo Little (for the second series), the Aunts, Dahlia and Agatha were played by Eleanor Summerfield and Fabia Drake respectively, Tracy Reed played Bobbie Wickham, and Paul Whitsun-Jones was Sir Roderick Glossop.

The series were produced by Michael Mills, and Peter Cotes, and the adapatations were made, after the Beeb had aquired all the rights to the Jeeves and Wooster saga) by Mills, and Richard Waring (although I have a note that Michael Pertwee, brother to Jon, also assisted with this task). Covering a total of 20 episodes, only one of the episodes, The Delayed Exit Of Claude And Eustace, survives, and was recently repeated on BBC Four.

:: Series 1

TitleTX date
Jeeves And The Dog MacIntosh30-5-65
Jeeves, The Aunt And The Sluggard 6-6-65
Jeeves And The Great Sermon Handicap13-6-65
Jeeves And The Song Of Songs20-6-65
Jeeves And The Hero's Reward27-6-65
Jeeves And The Inferiority Complex Of Old Sippy4-6-65

:: Series 2

TitleTX date
Jeeves And The Delayed Exit Of Claude And Eustace4-1-66
Jeeves And The Change Of Mind11-1-66
Jeeves And The Spot Of Art18-1-66
Jeeves Exerts The Old Cerebellum25-1-66
Jeeves And The Purity Of The Turf1-2-66
Jeeves And The Clustering Round Young Bingo8-2-66
Jeeves And The Indian Summer Of An Uncle15-2-66

:: Series 3

TitleTX date
Jeeves And The Greasy Bird5-10-67
Jeeves And The Stand-In For Sippy12-10-67
Jeeves And The Old School Chum19-10-67
Jeeves And The Impending Doom26-10-67
Jeeves And The Hard-Boiled Egg2-11-67
Jeeves And The Love That Purifies9-11-67
Jeeves And The Fixing Of Freddie16-11-67