Apart from a brief time when Williams was in the army, he always lived in London, and mainly in the same area. For those who are interested in seeing where he lived, I have managed to find some maps which will give easy directions from the nearest Underground station. I hope later to include photo's of the places themselves, but in the meantime, I hope the following are of use.

Endsleigh Court This map shows three of Kenneth's addresses: Endsleigh Court, Upper Woburn Place, WC1, which he moved to on 24/3/56-6/10/59,
57 Marchmont Street, WC1, where the hairdressing shop was, and,
Queen Alexandra Mansions, Hastings Street, in which he occupied 66 from 7/10/59-23/2/60, 92, from 11/4/70-19/6/70, and 80 form 20/6/70-2/8/72.
Park West This map shows the location of 76, Park West, Kendal Street, Edgware Road, W2, where he lived from 24/2/60 - 11/10/63.
Bingfield Street Kenneth was born on 22-2-26 in Bingfield Street. The exact address is unknown, and as this is the furthest of the walks from any station, I shan't be doing this journey for a while!
Farley Court The remaining map has the two other addresses of Williams. 62, Farley Court, Allsop Place, NW1, where he lived from 12/10/63-10/4/70 and 8, Marlborough House, Osnaburgh Street, NW1, which he moved to on 3/8/72 and subsequently was found dead at on 15/4/88.