Kenneth Williams in Print

Kenneth Williams wrote several books and was an avid diarists and letter writer. As part of his training as a lithographer, he developed a range of handwritings, always with total clarity, and giving an indication to how he felt at the time. Below are details of all the books that wrote, or have been written about him. I have also added in a couple of other books that are closely related, i.e, scripts, books based on series that he was in, or biographies of those he worked with extensively. This is by no means a comprehensive list so if anyone can supply information on any other books, or articles that he wrote (for a while he was a columnist for the Radio Times, and was a contributor to other publications), then please do not hesitate to contact me.

Just Williams, An Autobigraghy.

Just Williams Hardback Just Williams Paperback Just Williams Audiobook (1st release) Just Williams Audiobook (2nd release)
HardbackISBN 0-460--4688-8Published by J.M.Dent and Sons Ltd.8.95
PaperbackISBN 0-00-637082-9Published by Fontana3.50
PaperbackISBN 0-00-637082-9Published by Harper Collins5.99
Audio BookISBN 0-563-225971ZBBC 10468.99

The Kenneth Williams Diaries.

Diaries Hardback
HardbackISBN 0-00-255023-7Published by Harper Collins20.00
PaperbackISBN 0-00-638090-5Published by Harper Collins9.99

The Kenneth Williams Letters.

Letters Hardback
HardbackISBN 0-00-255024-5Published by Harper Collins18.00
PaperbackISBN 0-00-638092-1Published by Harper Collins7.99

Acid Drops.

Acid Drops Hardback Acid Drops Paperback
HardbackISBN 0-460-044826Published by J.M.Dent and Sons Ltd.4.95
PaperbackISBN 0-340-26782-8Published by Coronet Books1.25

Back Drops.

Back Drops Hard/Paperback
HardbackISBN 046-00-458-30Published by J.M.Dent and Sons Ltd.7.95
PaperbackISBN UNKNOWNPublished byFuturaUNKNOWN

I Only Have To Close My Eyes.

I Only Have To Close My Eyes
HardbackISBN 046-00-617-55Published by J.M.Dent and Sons Ltd.5.95

The book consists of 26 pages, of which 6 contain the poem written by Kenneth, and the others contain illustrations by Beverlie Manson, published in 1986. The British Library have the only accessible copy that I know of and the shelfmark is LB.31.b.1804. I shall see if I can get permission from Dent's to publish the poem here without the illustrations.

Kenneth Williams, A Biography - By Michael Freedland

Biography Hard & Paperback
HardbackISBN 0-297-79701-8Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson15.00
PaperbackISBN 0-297-81225-4Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson4.99

Round the Horne Scripts.

RTH Scripts Hardback RTH Scripts Paperback
HardbackISBN 0-7130-0121-6Published by Woburn Press1.95
PaperbackISBN 0-340-26782-8Published by Futura/Woburn Press0.95

The Best of Round The Horne Scripts.

Best Of Scripts Hardback
HardbackISBN 1-85336-162-3Published by Equation8.95

Round The Horne, The Complete and Utter History - By Barry Took.

Complete and Utter Round the Horne Hardback Complete and Utter Round the Audio book
HardbackISBN 0-7522-2119-1Published by Boxtree14.99
AudiobookISBN 0-563-55767-2ZBBC 21668.99

Solo for Horne. A biography of Kenneth Horne - by Norman Hackforth

Solo for Horne Hardback Solo for Horne Paperback

Although Kenny is mentioned in this book, I am mainly listing it due to the fact that Kenneth Horne was loved by Kenny, and that he enjoyed working with Horne throughout both Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne

HardbackISBN 0-207-95650-2Published by Angus & Robertson3.80
PaperbackISBN 0-340-24274-4Published by Coronet Books95p

The Whizzkids Handbook - by Peter Eldin.

Whizzkids Handbook

Kenny starred in this childrens series for Southern TV with Arthur Mullard around 1980.

PaperbackISBN 0-00-691390-3Published by Armada80p