Without wanting to seem to obvious, Kenneth Williams was a major star of films, but not just those in the Carry On series. He clocked up 25 of the Carry On's, covering 20 years, but this was not his entire output. What follows is a listing (as far as I know complete) of the other films that he was in, whether a bit part, or as a main character. Although I will eventually include the Carry On's amongst the details here, for a professional look at the whole world of Carry On I suggest you nip over to CARRY ON-LINE, and marvel at what Andy Davison has done!!!.

The Beggars Opera. Colour, 94 mins

Producer:Laurence Olivier
Herbert Wilcox
Director:Peter Brook
Writers:Denis Cannan
Christopher Fry
Based on John Gay's comic Opera
Cinematographer:Guy Green
Editor:Reginald Beck
Composer:Arthur Bliss
This was the first film that Brook directed, re-creating the Gay's original comic opera on film. Sir Arthur Bliss provided the music, and Christopher Fry the lyrics and some of the additional screenplay dialogue. The cast is impressive, and both Olivier and Holloway did their own singing (although everyone else was dubbed!), but Olivier was wise to steer clear of musicals.
Kenneth's role was so big that I don't even know the character's name. So far I haven't been able to track this down to video, although I believe it was released by Warner Bros.
Laurence Olivier....Capt. Mac Heath
Stanley Holloway....Lockit
George Devine....Peachum
Mary Clare....Mrs Peachum
Athene Syler....Mrs Trapes
Dorothy Tutin....Polly Peachum
Daphne Anderson....Lucy Lockit
Hugh Griffith....The Beggar
Margot Grahame....The Actress
Denis Cannan....The Footman
George Rose....First Turkey
Yvonne Furneaux....Jenny Diver

Innocents in Paris.B/W, 93 mins

Producer:Anatole de Grunwald
Director:Gordon Parry
Writer:Anatole de Grunwald
Cinematographer:Gordon Lang
Editor:Geoffrey Root
Composer:Joseph Kosma
Musical Director:Joseph Kosma
Art Director:Thomas Guswell
Costume Design:Ann Wemyss
Another role of minor importance for Kenneth in this film from 1953. He plays a window dresser at London Airport! The film is about seven English people who visit Paris and get into various comedic situations. The cast is very impressive, and if reputations are anything to go by, then this should be a very enjoyable film, but this film was made and released before the British Film Industry reached its prime with it's comedies. Again I beleive this to have been released on video by a company called Tudor, but I have not been able to track down any more details.
Alastair Sim....Sir Norman Barker
Ronald Shiner....Dicky Bird
Claire Bloom....Susan Robbins
Margaret Rutherford....Glagys Inglott
Claude Dauphin....Max de Lorne
Laurence Harvey....Francois
Jimmy Edwards....Capt. George Stilton
James Copeland....Andy MacGregor
Gaby Bruyere....Josette
Mara Lane....Gloria Delaney
Gregoire Aslan....Carpet Seller
Peter Illing....Panitov
Colin Gordon....Customs Officer
Kenneth Kove....Bickerstaff
Frank Muir....Hearty Man
Peter Jones....Langton
Richard Wattis....Secretary
Reginald Beckwith....Photographer
Monique Gerard....Raymonde
Stringer Davis....Arbuthnot
Georgette Anys....Mme. Celestin
Louis de Funes....Mons. Celestin
Miles Joyce....Steve Wheeler
Alf Goddard....Sergeant-Major
Christpher Lee....Lt. Whitlock
Philip Stainton....Nobby Clark

Valley of Song.B/W, 74 mins

Producer:Vaughan N. Deanr
Director:Gilbert Gunn
Writers:Cliff Gordon, Phil Park
Based on Cliff Gordon's radio play -
Chior Practice
Cinematographer:Lionel Banes
Editor:Richard Best
Composer:Robert Gill
The annual production of Handel's Messiah in a Welsh village is the cause of a fued between two families. This is the result of Cooper being given the the contralto part, a part which Thomas has sung for the last 15 years. Peace only returns when both women sing the part.
Mervyn Johns....Minister Griffiths
Clifford Evans....Geraint Llewellyn
Maureen Swanson....Olwen Davies
John Fraser....Cliff Lloyd
Rachel Thomas....Mrs. Lloyd
Betty Cooper....Mrs. Davies
Rachel Roberts....Bessie Lewis
Hugh Pryse....Lloyd, Undertaker
Edward Evans....Davies, Shop
Kenneth Williams....Lloyd, Haulage
Alun Owen....Pritchard

The Seekers.Colour, 90 mins

The Seekers
Producer:George H. Brown
Director:Ken Annakin
Writers:William Fairchild
Based on John Guthrie's novel
Cinematographer:Geoffrey Unsworth
Editor:John D. Guthridge
Composer:William Alwyn
Musical Director:Muir Mathieson
Art Director:Maurice Carter
Costume:Julie Harris
Hawkins stars as a naval officer who, upon stepping ashore in New Zealand, promptly desecrates sacred ground and is captured by the natives, but after a bit of chat from him and the interpreter accompanying him, the chief is begging them to stay and teach them the ways of the white man.

Hawkins returns to blighty but has to leave again due to legal difficulties, and goes back to New Zealand with his bride and has a child there. All is not well when he is then seduced by the bride of the chief, and then finds himself in the middle of a war when a white settler is killed. There is a happy ending, despite Hawkins and his bride both being killed in battle, when the chief finds their baby and decides to bring it up as his own.
Jack Hawkins....Philip Wayne
Glynis Johns....Marion Southby
Noel Purcell....Paddy Clarke
Inia Te Waita....Hongi Tepe
Kenneth Williams....Peter Wishart
Laya Raki....Moana
Patrick Warbrick....Awarua
Tony Erstich....Bangiruru
Edward Baker....Toroa
Maharaia Winiata....Hongi Tepe's Father
Thomas Heathcote....Sgt. Paul
Normal Mitchell....Grayson
James Copeland....Mackay
Francis de Wolff....Capt. Bryce
Henry Bilbert....Aspiti Tohunga

Tommy the Toreador.Colour, 90 mins

Producer:George H. Brown
Director:John Paddy Carstairs
Writers:Nicholas Phipps
Sid Colin
Talbot Rothwell
Cinematographer:Gilbert Taylor
Editor:Peter Bezencenet
Composer:Stanley Black
Tommy Steele is cast a young seafarer who ends up in Spain and is tricked into being a bullfighter for a day.
Tommy Steele....Tommy Tomkins
Janet Munro....Amanda
Sidney James....Cadena
Bernard Cribbins....Paco
Noel Purcell....Captain
Virgillo Texeira....Parilla
Pepe Nieto....Inspector Quintero
Ferdy Mayne....Lopez
Harold Kasket....Jose
Kenneth Williams....Vice Consul
Eric Sykes....Martin
Manolo Blazquez....Matador
Francis de Wolff....Hotel Proprietor
Tutte Lemkow....Bootblack
Warren Mitchell....Waiter
Charles Gray...Gomez

His and Hers.B/W, 90 mins

Producers:Hal E. Chester
John D. Merriman
Director:Brian Desmond Hurst
Writers:Stanley Mann
Jan Lowell
Mark Lowell
Cinematographer:Ted Scaife
Editor:Max Benedict
Composer:John Addison
This is a comedy about a novellist, played by Terry-Thomas. His publisher, Wilfred Hyde-White, has sold his past works on the strength of publicity stunts, rather than excellent literature, but there is a twist of fate when, just before his latest book, I conquered the Desert is due to hit the shelves, T-T really does get lost in the desert and lives with a tribe of Bedouins.
Terry-Thomas....Reggie Blake
Janette Scott....Fran Blake
Wilfred Hyde-White....Charles Dunton
Nicole Mauray....Simone Rolfe
Billy Lambert....Baby
Joan Sims....Hortense
Kenneth Connor....Harold
Kenneth Williams....Policeman
Meier Tzelniker....Felix McGregor
Colin Gordon....TV Announcer
Joan Hickson....Pheobe
Oliver Reed....Poet
Barbara Hicks....Woman
Francesca Annis....Wanda
Dorinda Stevens....Dora
Marie Devereaux....Stunning Wife

Make Mine Mink.B/W, 101 mins

Make Mine Mink
Producer:Hugh Stewart
Director:Robert Asher
Writers:Michael Pertwee
Peter Blackmore
Based on a play by Peter Coke
Cinematographer:Reginald Wyer
Editor:Roger Cherrill
Composer:Philip Green
A bumbling group of amateur thieves steal furs and donate the proceeds to charity.
Terry-Thomas....Major Albert Rayne
Athen Seyler....Dame Beatrice Appleby
Hattie Jacques....Nanette Parry
Billie Whitelaw....Lily
Elspeth Duxbury....Elizabeth Pinkerton
Irene Handl....Mme. Spolinski
Jack Hedley....Jim Benham
Kenneth Williams....Honorable Fred Warrington
Caroline Leigh....Warrington's Secretary
Denis Shaw....Cafe Proprietor
Michael Peake....Thin Man
Derek Sydney....Sinister Man

Raising the Wind.Colour, 91 mins

Raising the Wind
Producer:Peter Rogers
Director:Gerald Thomas
Writer:Bruce Montgomery
Cinematographer:Alan Hume
Editor:John Shirley
Composer:Bruce Montgomery
Art Director:Carmen Dillon
One of my favourite films with Kenny in. The story follows a collection of student musicians who share a house. Kenny plays the rather odious Harold who knows he is good at what he does, and makes sure that everyone else does to. The problem with this is you start to rub people the wrong way, and Harold finds this out when he is conducting an orchestra - an excellent piece of comedy.
James Robertson Justice....Sir Benjamin
Leslie Phillips....Mervyn
Sidney James....Sid
Paul Massie....Malcolm
Kenneth Williams....Harold
Eric Barker....Morgan Rutherford
Liz Fraser....Miranda
Jennifer Jayne....Jill
Esma Cannon....Mrs. Deevens
Geoffrey Keen....Sir John
Jill Ireland....Janet
Jimmy Thompson....Alex
David Lodge....Taxi Driver
Lance Percival....Harry
Joan Hickson....Mrs. Bostwick

Twice Round the Daffodils.B/W, 89 mins

Producer:Peter Rogers
Director:Gerald Thomas
Writers:Norman Hudis & Jack Beale
Based on 'Ring for Catty' by Patrick Cargill
Cinematographer:Alan Hume
Editor:John Shirley
Composer:Bruce Montgomery
The other of my favourites, where Kenny gives a really excellent performance, that not only show his comic abilities, but his acting abilities as well. Set in a TB sanatorium, and with all the comedy stereotypes there is, this is a subtle and moving comedy, where predicable situations can give rise to fresh twists.
Juliet Mills....Catty
Donald Sinden....Ian Richards
Donald Houston....John Rhodes
Kenneth Williams....Harry Halfpenny
Ronald Lewis....Bob White
Andrew Ray....Chris Walker
Joan Sims....Harriet Halfpenny
Jill Ireland....Janet
Lance Percival....George Logg
Sheila Hancock....Dora
Nanette Newman....Joyce
Matron....Renee Houston
Dorothy....Amanda Reiss
Mrs. Rhodes....Mary Powell
Mary....Barbara Roscoe

The Hound of the Baskervilles.Colour, 84 mins

Producer:John Goldstone
Exec. Producer:Michael White
Andrew Braunsberg
Assoc. Producer:Tim Hampton
Director:Paul Morrisey
Writers:Peter Cook
Paul Morrisey
Cinematographers:Dick Bush
John Wilcox
Editors:Richard Marden
Glenn Hyde
Composer:Dudley Moore
Production Design:Roy Smith
Costume Design:Charles Knode
Quoted as a tasteless spoof of Sir Arthur Conan Doyles novel, this film stars Peter Cook and Dudley Moore as Holmes and Watson, rambling through string of jokes loosely based around the original plot.
Peter Cook....Sherlock Holmes
Dudley Moore....Dr Watson/ Mrs Holmes/ Mrs Spiggott
Denholm Elliot....Stapleton
Joan Greenwood....Beryl Stapleton
Terry-Thomas....Dr Mortimer
Max Wall....Mr Barrymore
Irene Handl....Mrs Barrymore
Kenneth Williams....Sir Henry Baskerville
Hugh Griffith....Frankland
Dana Gillespie....Mary
Roy Kinnear....Seldon
Prunella Scales....Glynis
Penelope Keith....Massage Parlour Receptionist
Spike Milligan....Baskerville Police Force

Arabian Knight.Colour, 72? mins

Director:Richard Williams
Writers:Margaret French
Richard Williams
This film has been in the making since 1968, and various people have worked on it. It is an animation based on a classic story, and was the 'lovechild' of Richard Williams. The film has been finished, but to a much poorer standard that Williams originally intended, and is avaialable on video now. Many actors have provided their voices for characters inthe film, most notable being Vincent Price, and include other well known British actors like Kenneth Williams, Stanley Baxter and Windsor Davies.

I do have a lot more information on this film, so later on I might be able to provide a whole page dedicated to it.