Kenneth Williams performed in many radio shows and narrated several books, as well as recorded a number of albums, and this is the first attempt to actually catalogue all those that have been made commercially available throughout the years. I have tried to make some sort of order out of the lists by keeping like shows together. Where possible I have also included pictures of the recordings and the catalogue numbers. If you have some material that is either not shown here, or the details differ, then please contact me. so that I may update the page.

Oh, and while I remember, due to the problems of fitting a whole LP cover on the scanner, I won't be listing those for the time being. I do intend on getting a digital camera shortly and will start snapping away when I do - it gives you something to look forward to!!!!

Just Williams, An Autobigraghy.

Just Williams Audiobook (1st release) Just Williams Audiobook (2nd release)
Audio BookISBN 0-563-225971ZBBC 1046£8.99

Round The Horne.

This has probably been the most widely available of the recordings to include Kenneth. The success of the series in the 1960s ensured that a release on LP quickly followed, and then when the BBC finally cottoned on to merchandising, there were a few releases. In recent years with the coordination of BBC Worldwide and the Radio Collection, there have been a number of releases. Here follows the details of all of those that I have in my possession with a few other mentioned that I know exist but need more information on.

Round The Horne, Volume 1 Round The Horne, Volume 2 Round The Horne, Volume 3 Round The Horne, Volume 4
Round The Horne, Volume 5 Round The Horne, Volume 6 Round The Horne, Volume 7 Round The Horne, Volume 8
Round The Horne, Volume 9 Round The Horne, Volume 10 Round The Horne, Volume 11
Volume 1ISBN 0-563-225491ZBBC 1010£8.99
Volume 2ISBN 0-563-227001ZBBC 1092£8.99
Volume 3ISBN 0-563-227028ZBBC 1093£8.99
Volume 4ISBN 0-563-409916ZBBC 1222£8.99
Volume 5ISBN 0-563-366478ZBBC 1326£8.99
Volume 6ISBN 0-563-401346ZBBC 1463£8.99
Volume 7ISBN 0-563-395001ZBBC 1609£8.99
Volume 8ISBN 0-563-389621ZBBC 1885£8.99
Volume 9ISBN 0-563-381248ZBBC 2013£8.99
Volume 10ISBN 0-563-557680ZBBC 2186£8.99
Volume 11ISBN 0-563-552867RELEASED 6/9/99£8.99

Round The Horne, Volume 1, CD
Volume 1, CDZBBC 1742CD£7.99

The Best of Round The Horne
The Best of Round The HorneRMC 4018REH 193 (LP version)£Unknown

I would like to thank Barry Hill of ORCA for supplying this cassette cover

Round The Horne, Movie Spoofs Rambling Syd Rumpo Rambling Syd Rumpo, EMI Julian and Sandy The Bona World of Julian and Sandy
Movie SpoofsISBN 0-563-391251ZBBC 1681£8.99
Rambling Syd RumpoISBN 0-563-389001ZBBC 1746£8.99
Rambling Syd Rumpo (EMI)ISBN 1-85848-469-3 £8.99
Julian and Sandy ZBBC 1415£7.99
Julian and Sandy (Gold)ISBN 0-563-226064ZBBC 2049£5.99
The Bona World of Julian and SandyISBN 0-563-389095ZBBC 1767£8.99

Round The Horne, The Complete and Utter History - By Barry Took.

Complete and Utter Round the Audio book
AudiobookISBN 0-563-55767-2ZBBC 2166£8.99

Beyond Our Ken.

Beyond Our Ken (Gold)
Beyond Our Ken (Gold)ISBN 0563-381051ZBBC 1930£5.99

Willo the Wisp.

Willo the Wisp More Willo the Wisp
Willo the WispZCM 427LP REC 427£Unknown
More Willo the Wisp StoriesZCM 473LP REC 473£Unknown


The Rose and The Ring Dribblesome Teapots Dribblesome Teaspots
The Rose and the RingISBN 1-899264-13-2JKNY 114£3.99
The Dribblesome Teapots/Sneeze and be Slain JKNY 204£7.99
The Dribblesome Teapots  £Unknown

Carry On....

Six of the films have been turned into audio cassettes with the original soundtrack plus extra narration. They are available either as three double cassettes or individually as single cassettes.

Doctor and Camel  Khyber and Jungle  Camping and Head
CampingISBN 1-86117-021-1GAGMC039£5.99
DoctorISBN 1-897862-43-1GAGMC034£5.99
CamelISBN 1-86117-022-XGAGMC040£5.99
HeadISBN 1-897862-42-3GAGMC033£5.99
JungleISBN 1-897862-31-8GAGMC031£5.99
KhyberISBN 1-897862-41-5GAGMC032£5.99
Doctor/CamelISBN 1-86117-059-9GAGDMC052£8.99
Khyber/JungleISBN 1-86117-058-0GAGDMC051£8.99
Camping/HeadISBN 1-86117-060-2GAGDMC053£8.99

An Audience With Kenneth Williams.

This recording is available as a single cassette in both a single case and a double sized case. The details that follow are for the single case, although I assume that they are the same for the double sized case. If anyone knows different, please let me know.

Audience With Kenneth Williams
Audience With...ISBN 1-86117-068-8£4.99

Just William Stories.

William Stories More William Stories
William StoriesISBN UNKNOWN£7.99
More William StoriesISBN 1-85849-861-9£7.99