This was a series of 4 shows which had one thing in common - they all starred Kenneth Williams. The cast varied between shows as did the the writers, making this a sort of KW radio eqivalent of the Comedy Playhouse seasons seen on TV. Their purpose was to find a show that had potential as a full series, and if this was the case here, then the one that met the task was Oh, Get On With It!

I am very glad to be able to update this page with the help of Barry Hill of ORCA. He has supplied me with the copies of all the shows and broadcast details so that I can update the pages as soon as I have lsitened to them.


Broadcast 1st July 1975

Where Kenneth Williams gets a psychiatric analysis (although he thought he was more in for giving a sample behind a screen!). After much persuasion, he decides that he will speak about himself and proceeds to tell of the things that have happened to him in the run up to going to the shrink. Starting with his digs, he moves through the day and the Public Library, and finally a shoe shop,

Written by Leslie Randall
Starring Kenneth Williams
With Gordon Sythe as the Analyst, and John Baddely as the Librarian, and Miriam Margolyes as Eagle Face
Produced by Simon Brett


Broadcast 8th July 1975

Williams (as Mr Palfrey, a Private Detective) has reserved a berth on the 22.30 Night sleeper to Glasgow Central and shares it with Sir Henry Carmichael, at least until Watford, and his pet parrot, Mathews. As it turns out, Sir Henry has a very thick Scottish accent, as does a bank robber on the run from the Metropolitan Police. As it is, Palfrey is a divorce detective, and is visiting his Auntie in Glasgow.

Written by Miles Kington (of Punch) and Alan Marian Davis
Starring Kenneth Williams and Bill Simpson
With John Baddely, John Graham and David Wood
Produced by Simon Brett


Broadcast 15th July 1975

June Whitfield, as a roving reporter, approaches General Williams for his life story. After confusion on who the reporter is, Williams tells of his rise through the ranks of the British Army, with his various decorations (from both sides of WWI & II!!!).

Written by ?
Starring Kenneth Williams and June Whitfield,
Produced by Simon Brett.


Broadcast 22nd July 1975

A sketch show format, probably the pilot for the series that followed, Oh! Get On With It!. There is a diary entry in December 1974 which supports this and reads..

Walked to the Playhouse for the revue type show called 'Get On With It' with Lance Percival and Miriam Margolyes.

Written by ?
Starring Kenneth Williams, Lance Percival, and Miriam Margolyes
Produced by Simon Brett