This show was made in 1976, and again produced by Simon Brett (see BWS). Written by Peter Spence (who also wrote To the Manor Born), the shows were recorded on Thursdays at the Playhouse Theatre, and had Lance Percival and Miriam Margolyes alongside Kenneth, and was more along the lines of Round the Horne than anything else that Kenneth had done - which may be why it was another unsuccessful show. Kenneth just could not cope with being the central character as his anarchic comedy needed to have an authority figure alongside for it to actually work, as was the case with Kenneth Horne. In this show there was just no restraint on him.

One thing has been remarked about this show was that Kenneth made his own input, but was not greedy with it, only using his own lines if they worked and there were no re-takes.

Since listening to some of the shows, I can honestly say that they are nowhere near as bad as I had expected them to be from reading between the lines of other reviews. Most notable is the flow with which Kenneth, Lance and Miriam have, and the series is made, in my opinion, just by Kenneth playing Sherlock Holmes with the voice of Noel Coward. Look out for his Dame Edith Evans voice as well as many others that he used whilst telling anecdotes!

One other thing that I was lucky enough to have on one recording was a time check so I know that the shows were broadcast on Radio 4 at 18.15pm!
128-1-76 Expedition
24-2-76 Oil Rig in the North Sea
311-2-76 At the Ball
418-2-76 Get Up and Go Health Farm
525-2-76 Woodville Pop Festival
63-3-76 Reach for the Skies
710-3-76 A Day at the Races
817-3-76 The Visual Arts
924-3-76 The Film StudiosWith Nigel Lambert, without Lance Percival
1031-3-76 Spring Fever
117-4-76 The ArmyTime mentioned as 12.27pm???
1214-4-76 The Police
1321-4-76 The Theatre