Of course, writing a site like this would be impossible without referring to books, websites, magazines, and newspaper articles, and what follows is a list of references that have been consistently used. This is not a complete nor comprehensive list as I would spend more time compiling that than the programme logs, but offers details of the most regularly used titles.

Radio Times:   This magazine is published weekly by the commercial arm of the BBC and provides listings for all major terrestrial and satellite TV channels, along with analogue and digital radio schedules.

What's On Guide:   The online schedule information from the BBC.

Radio Times Guide To Comedy:   This is the definitive tome on TV comedy in the UK and has provide information about many series cover on this site. Whilst I generally avoid logs of TV programmes for thier own sake, this site predominantly covers radio series, where there is a crossover of medium, I will always check my own compiled facts with Lewisohn's book. The book has also been made available electronically on the BBC website, and is invaluable in this form for quick searching.

Tatchell's Guide To BBC Radio Comedy:   Tatchell got there first, it seems, and self-published his own book in 2003. It covers radio comedy shows listed in the Radio Times from the late 20s onwards. The book is certainly a good first look at programme information but, as it usually the case with any first edition, does contain a number of errors, and appears to be inconsistent in its approach to listings, with some one-off comedy plays listed whilst some series appear to be ommitted. The listings are also very limited to a run of dates, broadcast times and the network - repeats are not explicitly included (although some date runs do suffer from the original and repeat dates being merged into each other!), nor are episode titles. There was also no access to the BBC archive holdings or listings when compiling the book, so information on extant shows is not included.

BBC Archive Catalogue Microfiche:   These have proved invaluable, and cover the archive holdings of the BBC to the year 1992.

BBC INFAX Catalogue on CD:    This is an extended version of the microfiche catalogue and covers holdings in the current collection as well as the archive holdings, and is in the form of a searchable database. Of course, with anything so large, there are errors and restrictions, but this, along with the microfiche edition, is an excellent starting point for checking extant shows.