This series was the last of the major output from the comedy team of Croft and Perry, following on from Dad's Army and then It Ain't Half Hot Mum. As with the other series this drew its inspiration from the real life experiences of Jimmy Perry who was a Butlin's Red Coat after leaving the army. The show was most notable for its characters, Peggy the chalet cleaner, Glady's, the vamp from the valleys, Ted Bovis, the Camp Host, and Professor Jeffrey Fairbrother, played by Su Pollard, Ruth Madoc, Paul Shame, and the late Simon Cadell respectively.

Until halfway through the series, Jeffret Fairbrother was the entertainments manager of Maplin's Holiday Camp who was totally out of his depth. Glady's, on his arrival, decided that Jeffrey was for her, Ted decided he should have had the job, and Peggy persisted to become a Maplin Yellowcoat.

also in the series we meet the camp comic, Spike Dixon, the Punch and Judy man, Mr Partridge, Yvonne and Barry Stuart-Hargreaves, the ballroom dance tutors and later on, Uncle Sammy, played by Kenneth Connor. Whislt not as strong a comedy as Dad's Army and It Ain't Half Hot Mum, this series ran for 8 series, and is still as popular as ever, with semi-regualr repeats at prime time, along with complete runs on the satellite channel, UKGold. There has been one video that was a compilation of the first three episodes, including the pilot, and a novel and at least one Annual. The majority of the cast went on to another Croft/Perry show, You Rang M'Lord in the late 80s.

This has been compiled from various sources, although a considerable amount was from material taken from the excellent fan magazine Hello Campers! written by Rob Cope. He can be contacted at:

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SERIES 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8
Before the series truly started there was a pilot epidode entitled, Hi De Hi, broadcast on the 1st January 1980. This lasted 45 minutes,with the remainder of the series nominally 30 minutes each.

Series One.

TitleTX DateNotes
Desire In The Mickey Mouse Grotto26.2.81
The Beauty Queen Affair5.3.81
The Partridge Season12.3.81
The Day Of Reckoning19.3.81
Charity Begins At Home26.3.81
No Dogs Allowed2-Apr-81

Series Two.

TitleTX DateNotes
If Wet - In The Ballroom29-Nov-81
Peggy's Big Chance6.12.81
Lift Up Your Minds13.12.81
On With The Motley20.12.81
A Night Not To Remember27.12.81
Sausages Or Limelight3-Jan-82

Series Three.

TitleTX DateNotes
Nice People With Nice Manners31.10.82
Carnival Time7.11.82
A Matter Of Conscience14.11.82
The Pay-Off21.11.82
Trouble And Strife28.11.82
Co-Respondent's Course12.12.82
It's A Blue World19.12.82
The Society Entertainer2-Jan-83
Sing You Sinners9.1.83
Maplin Intercontinental16.1.83
All Change23.1.83

Series Four.

TitleTX DateNotes
Save Our Heritage4.12.83
Empty Saddles11.12.83
The Marriage Settlement18.12.83
The Graven Image8.1.84
Peggy's Penfriend15.1.84
The Epidemic22.1.84

Series Five.

Special Special
TitleTX DateNotes
Together Again3.11.84
Ted At The Helm10.11.84
Opening Day17.11.84
Off With The Motley24.11.84
Hey Diddle Diddle, Who's On The Fiddle?1.12.84
The Great Cat Robbery25.12.85

Series Six.

TitleTX DateNotes
It's Murder5.1.86
Who Killed Mr Partridge?12.1.86
Spaghetti Galore19.1.86
A Lack Of Punch26.1.86
Ivory Castles In The Air9.2.86
Man Trap16.2.86

Series Seven.

TitleTX DateNotes
Pigs Might Fly8.11.86
The New Broom15.11.86
Orphan Of The Storm22.11.86
God Bless Our Family6.12.86
Only The Brave13.12.86
September Song27.12.86

Series Eight.

TitleTX DateNotes
Tell It To The Marines26.12.87
Marry Go Round2.1.88
The Perils Of Peggy9.1.88
Let Them Eat Cake16.1.88
Wedding Bells23.1.88
The Wind Of Change30.1.88