The Next Programme Follows Almost Immediately

This was a comedy series with Denise Coffey, Jonathan Cecil, David Jason, Bill Wallis, David Gooderson, and Peter Pontzen at the piano, with production by Simon Brett. The series was written by Peter Spence (To the Manor Born) and Chris Langham. One episode of this series was recently broadcast on BBC7 as part of David Hatch's choice in the Radio Heads strand. The BBC retained one episode in the archives, although more were returned in the Treasure Hunt scheme, and hopefully this means that 5 of the original 8 are now around. More details will be added when the returned 4 are broadcast on 7, but for now here are the details for the one that is in the archives.

:: Series 1

The series was broadcast on Friday nights at 11.15pm on Radio 4 for 8 weeks.

Tx. DateRx. DateDetailsBBC Cat.
7.7.7230.4.72Two Way Family Favourites with North Pole
Hiram Bronx joins the Company
Race to the North Pole
Pet Shop
Hiram Bronx idea
Careers Master sketch
Monologue on King Arthur
Race to the North Pole
Tannoy announcement
Race to the North Pole
Tannoy closing announcement