Birds And The Bees

Album: TASTE THE LOVE. (Yellow Diamond Records YDR34M 1976)
Tracks: Ooh Girly Girl; Cookin' Dinner (for you); Taste The Love; Kentucky Fried Hearts; Living in the Clouds; Four Lonely People; Creep To My Room; Whirlygig and Whirlygog; Look!; Snappy Fingers - Click The Love, Don't Say Forever
Single (Yellow Records YR024): Taste The Love / Don't Say Forever (6.7.76; peaked at No.1.)
Album: LOST IN SPACE (Yellow Diamond Records YDR134S 1976)
Tracks: Euro Soul Cookie; Slow Boat to Wigan Pier; Orange is Your Colour; Lost In Space, Seek and Ye Shall Grind; Friend or Foe; Psychedelic Shades of Night; Curly Hair; Fly To The End of My Love
Single (Yellow Diamond YDR089): Lost In Space / Curly Hair (5.9.76; peaked at No 2)
Single (Yellow Diamond YDR105): Friend Or Foe / Set The Sea On Fire (Previously unreleased Demo) (15.11.76; failed to chart)
Single (UA 345): Theme to Helen And The Man (US TV Series) / Helen's Song (Entered US Charts on 9.3.77; peaked at No 17)
Album: CLARENDON ROAD (Yellow Diamond Records YDR145S 1978)
Tracks: King Kraaken; Light In The Cellar; No Rain, Fine Wine; Tiny Puma; Ophelia; Long Live The Dead; Hole In The Bed; Swing The Lead; Love Unsaid (The rhyming titles on side two led to much speculation among fans that the band had been killed in the bus crash earlier that year. This was later refuted)
Single: Revolution (Anarchy Is Order) (Yellow Diamond 4.9.78) Failed to chart.
Album: A BIRDS AND THE BEES CHRISTMAS (Yellow Diamond Records YDR 150S 1978)
Tracks: Every Day is Christmas; Jingle My Bells; It's Snowing in My Heart; Roses and Rain Dear Remind Me Of You; My Gift to You (Is not what you think it is); Santa Santa Burning Bright; Good King Wenceslas (disco mix); Turkey Boy; Sleigh Ride To Heaven; The Bethlehem Bop; You're my Christmas Pudding (And I'm your Threepenny bit); Pine Nuts
Single: Every Day is Christmas/Good King Wenceslas (disco mix) (Yellow Diamond 1.10.78 peaked at No.1.)
Single: Treats for My Sugar/Lop-Sided Lover (4.4.79 Peaked at No.3)
Album: PROVERBS (Yellow Diamond Records YDR156S 1980)
This was the band's iconic masterpiece. So ubiquitous that the track listing is unnecessary. Suffice to say that it was so influential that even the Pope was heard humming the title track on a visit to South America in 1982.
Album: LEST WE FORGET. (Yellow Diamond Records YDR177 1983)
Tracks: Trouble in the Greengrocers; Cling-Film For My Baby; Look Out! The Kitchen's on Fire; Graf Zeppelin; Leading the Way with Love; I'm The Last Man Alive; Oberon Trigger; Forged Passport to Paradise; On The Crest of a Wave Machine
Single: Kill and Kill Again/Bang A Dodo (31.7.85 peaked at 73).
Album: THE BEST OF THE BIRDS AND THE BEES (Yellow Diamond Records YDR345 1985)
Tracks: Taste The Love; Don't Say Forever; Lost In Space; Every Day Is Christmas; When They Played Our Songs; You Can Take a Heart To Water; Kill and Kill Again; Bang a Dodo (Re-released in 2004 with extra tracks: I'd Rather be Me, Fit It In The Hit Parade, April Afternoon, Living in Cyn, Alien Love and a bonus track of Cynthia's Toilet Swish Commercial. Plus previously unreleased demos.)

.: Solo careers :.

Terry Tinsell/Meat and Two Veg

Single: Your Love, True Love; Handy Gandhi (Meat Records MT001 7.2.74 peaked at No 2)
Album: BLUE HEART, WHITE BREAD (Meat Records MT4 1973)
Tracks: Greyhound Burger; Look Down; Hellzapoppin; Oooh Aaaah Eeee; Pretend Lover (you're so plastic); Leaving No Trace; Find Me or Lose Me; Twice the Man I Was; Walls Have Ears; Don't Do That.
Album: MEAT AND TWO VEG - THE LEAN YEARS (Meat Records MT56 1974)
Tracks: Fan The Fire; Lie a Little; Greek Pudding; Frank The Grifter; Run The Gauntlet; Push Me In The River; I am Janus; Gun And Tonic.
Single: Lie a Little / Push me In The River (Meat Records MT003 4.5.74 peaked at No 45)

Terry Northern

Album: DAYDREAMS. (Yellow Diamond records YDR789 1987)
Tracks: Never, Never, Never; Loan Me Your Love; Things I have to Do (But Can't); Fried Hearts and Sunday Afternoons; Lost and Found; Peeking Holiday; I'm Lost Please Find Me; Miners Strike Blues; Bus Shelters; Jupiter's Jester; Lipstick Lover

Lady Cyn (Cynthia Wise)

Album: CYN SOMETHING SIMPLE. (UA 456 1986)
Tracks: Take Your Hat and Go; I've got Nothing (and you're not getting it); Umbilical Blues; Wet and Wonderful; Strike a Light; All The King's Men; Leave Me Alone; Train to Shoreditch; Aah Aah Ooo; Lamplighter; Santa Maria; A Rhyming Couplet (That's What We Are)
Single: Leave Me Alone / Wet And Wonderful (UA 875. Entered UK Chart 28.9.86; peaked at 13)
Album: IT'S A CYN (Cyn Records CR001; 1987)
Tracks: A Lot Like Me; Praying In The Snow; Flowing Water, Raging Headache; Run me a Bath, India, Swallows and Hubcaps; Crazy Like the Coot; Love on a Rooftop; Nine Lives and Twenty Dollars; A Misty Morning (and I can see you); This Bed Is Mine Tonight.
Single: Live and Let Starve/Just another Piece of Grit (1990)

Roy Perkins

Album: AD INFINITUM. (Perky Records PK001, 1985)
Inspired (somehow) by Frank Herbert's Dune, Roy Perkins' only solo album took him almost a decade to complete. The mis-spelling of the title on the cover was the reason ostensibly given by the record company for withdrawing Roy's long-awaited concept album. Anyone who has ever listened to it will realise there is a much better reason.
Tracks: Never In Nirvana; Sky Blue Love; For Ever I Will Be; Heaven Below; The Quantum Theory Of Love; Oedipal Fruits; Living In Cyn; The Ballad of The Bader-Meinhoff Gang; Non-Event Horizon; Siren Sister; Pan Piping Peace; Floaty Karen; Alien Love; Green Labrador


After a bumpy few years, her successful collaboration with Kevin Costner meant Chantelle continued her breathtaking solo career uninterrupted for the next decade. Her singles are too numerous to mention here, but are covered in detail in the book "Legends of Pop Volume 12". Her albums are:

KICKING AND SCREAMING. (1986). Love In The Outhouse; You You You and Me Me Me; Let the People Sing (my song); (I'm) The Best a Man Can Get; Under the Carpet; You Only Want a Flat Roof Because You're a Lying Cat; Please Don't Leave me (The Rent Is Due); Crimes of the Heart; Run Like a Cheetah; Flaming Nora
POLES APART (1989). 27 Degrees of Separation; Wildcat Milk; Secluded Undulations; Falling In Love With The World; Flesh in The Pan; Grabbing You (with both hands); Hanky Frankie; Jumping From The Train; Well Might You Ask; For a Consideration; Find Me or Lose Me; Devil's Grope
EVERYTHING THAT YOU ARE (1990); Love Theme from Dances With Wolves; I am a Kite, Fly Me; Treat Me like a Lady, Boy; Paint The Town Blue; The Night is Young (But You're Not); Tripping; The Jury's Out; Cracked Glass; The Blue Nun's Song; American Sonnet; Floating to Paradise on a log
HOME AGAIN (1991). Wide Open (spaces); The Sky's Up There; Drinking and Driving With You; Thomas and Sarah; Pink Gin; Interpret This; (I'm in) An Impossible Position; The Silk Scarf; White With One Sugar Please; Don't Phone Me; On Second Thoughts Do; Up The Stairs and Down The Aisle
I'D RATHER BE ME (1991). I'd Rather Be Me; Schloop Schloop Goes My Heart; Open Me Up And Look Inside; Drooling; Heaven Scent; Lips That Give; Dinner for Twelve; Failed Again (Naturally); Ice In Your Eyes; Smoking Bun; Loving You Made Me Wince
HONESTY (1993). Misery Lane; Time To Tell The Truth; Forgive Me Father; Roller Coaster; Hump (In The Middle of The Road); Travelling Backward - Looking Forwards; I've Been Doing a Line (Dance); Shiny Shoes; Schoolgirl In The Mirror; Blessed Are Those That Sing Well
TRAVESTY (1995). Reeling Them In; Hard Knocks; Poison Pen Friend; A Male In The Mall; Two Thousand Ought To Cover It; Baby Baby Baby; I Wish I'd Been Born at Woodstock; Dovetail Joint; Planet Hollywood Suite; If Only (I'd Been More Careful).

Films: The Legend of Franklin Mint (1986), Twelve Angry Women (1988), The Singing Sawyer Sisters (1989), Dances With Wolves (1990), The Chauffeur (1991), Popeye 2 - Bluto's Revenge (1992), The Crabman Trilogy (1992-4), L'ecole de Vie (1993), Love in the Back Room (TV Mini-Series 1995), Loaves and Dishes (1998)
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