Born 1957, Harlow. An idyllic childhood spent with two loving parents was denied Cynthia, as her mother was a ruthlessly ambitious harriden who pushed her into stage school at the age of eight. Cynthia was fairly successful, but she never made it into the serious theatre that her mother would have wished., as she always got lost on the way from the dressing rooms to the stage. As Lady Cyn, Cynthia enjoyed modest success after the band split up, but she then decided to leave the business and travel. Her story was that she had moved to Thailand and set up a mission. This was later debunked by several photos that appeared in "TitBits". She was briefly involved with the Scientology movement, but left when she realised it was too hard to spell. She has her own daytime TV show, though no one knows how she got it.

Cynthia has been given the ultimate accolade of a quote column in Private eye "The Thoughts of Lady Cyn", in which readers send in their favourite faux pas. One of mine was to Mrs Thatcher "I thought you were a man". To her credit, Mrs T replied " I thought you were dead".

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