Born Terry Northern, 1958, Streatham. Terry Started out as a plumber and a dustman, but by 19, he was appearing in talent shows as "Terry Tinsell - Plumbing New Depths". His real career began in Meat and Two Veg, a band formed by Montague St John Jones to exploit very young male performers. He was saved by Eurovision fervour in 1975 when Montague formed the Birds and the Bees. Terry's hobbies include model railways, writing to celebrities and watching television. He wants to be a train driver*.

After the B&B split, Terry re-launched himself as the 'British Dean Martin', travelling up and down the country playing clubs and children's parties. He was eventually forced to pack it all in after Dean Martin sued him for slander. He spent some time in the Far-East, doing what, no one knows, and also had been romantically linked with various starlets in the Asian film industry. He married, but that was a big secret for many years, only coming out as a minor story in his local paper, under the headline "Local Cafe fined For Keeping Pets In Fridge". He sued, but the cafe was awarded damages. Terry's autobiography "A Life On The Open Stage" has been rejected by a record 456 publishers, including the one he set up himself.

*Biography notes taken from Terry's entry in his school diary, the only material he would supply.
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