Chantelle. (Winnie Prescott) Born 1957, Didsbury. Parents were a touring music hall act "The Two Prescotts - a smile a song and an invoice". She became a session singer and appeared on many records in the early 1970s, including the now infamous "I'm a Killer Womble", which was banned by most countries for it's overt cruelty to fictional rubbish-collecting puppets. She was the most successful member of the Birds and The Bees, a diva who can boast more awards than will fit in her mansion. Although well known as a singer, she is less well known for her work with the Rotary Club and her local residents' association. Recently she had a school knocked down as it blocked her view of the river.

She is notoriously reclusive, and although her fans are determined to find out more, she has placed an injunction on them, preventing them getting any closer that one mile away from her at any time, except by appointment. This was seen as a negative move, but fans being fans, they took it as a challenge, and the legend of Chantelle has only been enhanced by this bizarre legal barrier. Her most successful album, "Honesty", is a masterpiece of duplicity. The tracks are apparently confessional, but a careful listener will discern that not one actually says anything at all about her, or indeed anything else. We await her next appearance with bated breath and legal aid.

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